Running with the Wolves: Part 2

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Editor's note: Here is Part 2 of Grant's behind-the-scenes video with the Wolves.

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Mr Lewis,

Enjoyed the second installment of your video blog. The hotel hi-jinx was the BEST! Hope you're doing well and that the recovery will be a quick one for you. Once you get past the first few weeks to pain and discomfort you're obviously feeling begins to not be so bothersome. That way you should be able to tolerate more and heal a bit faster. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to not rush it and take the time you need to make sure that you can come back 200%. Want Mr. D to come back fully recovered. That's what's most important right now.

A good friend recently brought me their copy of a certain calendar that you and other Wolves' players did and you had conducted your photo shoot with a '70's disco theme. Loving the hair the best. That's just classic!

Hope you enjoyed the little package of goodies sent to you thru Mr. Lehman. Hopefully it brought you a little bit of cheer and a smile to your face.

Once you master the crutches by the way I'm ready to race you around the arena. That's if you can handle being beat by a girl. :O)

Wow this video was even funnier than the first! It seems like no one is safe from a prank or two on the road; it was good to see one. Keep up the great work Grant, see ya soon and way to give Scott a chance at the camera, he needs to work a little bit harder though to be as good of a blogger as you.


Hmm, I think you need prank coaching or perhaps a lesson in physics? I'm an expert in both if you're interested...still funny to watch you two goofballs though.

Ok here is the deal, when All 4 1 releases their new CD I will be the president of you fan club. I really enjoyed this video, but I wouild like to know who got the bucket. I never knew that Pospisil was so camera friendly, he reminded me of a giraffe I saw at the zoo the other day lol. I hope the recovery is going well for you. I hope to see you soon, ready to sing.

If this video blog was a movie I would ask for my money back. Never seen anything so bad in my life and I would fire the camera guy. Come on you could be better than this and for the pregame meal feature with Scott doing the interviews was boring. And when does ice cream and toppings count as part of a hockey diet. After watching this video I should say something positive and so to you Grant Lewis I would like to tell you HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!! I guess I am not the only one with a sense of humor. You and Scott make a great team of pranksters and seeing the ice cream area reminded me of two former teammates Ben Simon and Dan Snyder. Now those two were great friends and have pulled some very funny jokes. They were co-hosting the auction part of the Get Fed by the Wolves and in the process there was a tub filled with ice cream sundae toppings and they decided to make sundaes out of themselves. Courtney could tell you they got her as well. Needless to say we were never asked back to that restrauant again. It is a great time and a great memory for me. But as far as the video it was fun but it would have been better if the camera was not all over the place and I would have loved to see the reaction of the unfortunate victim. And the pregame meal segment I think was good and Scott could have a future in video. Takes a lot to keep you healthy.

On a positive note I hope your recovery is going well. I had spoken with Coach Granato and Coach Christie at the Hockey for Her back on March 18th and to my relief they said you did not need surgery and would be out for 2 months. It was nice to get reassurance but still the injury you had suffered was a fluke. But I know with your rehab and positive thinking you will be back in playing shape. I did pick the University of Pittsburgh to win the NCAA title but it is a shame they lost. Good news is that the Pittsburgh Steelers will open the season at home September 10th against the Titans. Take care Grant and all the best to you and your family.

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