Running with the Wolves

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Note from the editor: Grant revealed yet another talent when we asked him to do a video of the Wolves behind the scenes.

Not only is he a talented writer and hockey player, but he also put together an entertaining and enlightening video.

We're breaking it down into several episodes. This is the first and starts as the team bused to Milwaukee on Feb. 13.


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This was definately the best so far. I think that since my birthday is tomorrow you should get ALL 4 1 together and sing one of your songs on Sunday. I think that you need to film a little bit more with Rivers in the background doing whatever he does.

Mr Lewis,

First off I will start by saying many, many congrats on FINALLY living your ultimate dream by appearing with Atlanta for your first shot at the NHL. You played with the absolute professionalism that one could only expect from one of Dartmouth's finest. I have no doubt that your latest trip to Atlanta to play for John Anderson and his crew may very have been your first taste of sweetness, but surely not your last. Well done sir.

As for your latest adventure into the world of video documentary all I can say is...WOW!! Very impressive to say the very least. I'm not sure what was or is my favorite part. Though I will say that the idea of you, Matty and Scotty starting a band ALMOST makes me want to get back into my business of band management and promotions. How classic is that?

Also congratulations on your recent reward the Defensemen of the year award. How sweet. Between your hockey playing, blogging, video documentaries and lead singer I guess one still has to wonder what other hidden talents also have bestowed upon the one and only Mr. "D." awaiting to be discovered or revealed.

Looking forward to the next video installments. Continue to enjoy every single gift that has been given to you. No matter what those gifts or talents may be. For each and every little trinket of life ALWAYS leads to bigger and greater things that ultimately end up being the richest rewards and the most valued treasures of our deepest and inner souls.

It's interesting to see who's connected at the hip and who's not, who's goofing and who's snoozing. I tend to snooze myself and only reconnect with my hips after the game.

Hmm, that made no sense did it?

I like the vids - more of those.

Way to go, Grant. You don't miss a beat. Great to see you in Atlanta the other night, although you did not make time for a glass of wine ;-) But the Wolves need you for the Calder Cup repeat. Keep the vids coming.

Wow great video! Everyone seemed ready to go for the game, which is good. Thanks for taking us behind the scenes Grant, as for the game, a great victory that I was glad to be there for. Now about that band, I definitely want to hear some songs you guys have. Welcome back!

Well I guess if your hockey career does not work out you will have something to fall back on. But I think perhaps you should stick to hockey and then become Dr. D. Grant Lewis psychologist. Hopefully you are just joking with us on the band thing but hey Jerry Brunkheimer called and he wants you to do his next movie. That was
an entertaining video although I was looking forward to your words of wisdom and a couple of funny stories. But no matter I did like the video and I can't wait to see what is in store for part 2. You will have to include Jamie because it looked like he really wanted to get on camera.

I would like to say to you is congratulations on your getting to play in your first NHL game. I am so proud and happy for you and I know your family was too. Hopefully another one may be in store before the end of the season. Continue to work hard and take what you learn and go with it. And last but not least congratulations on getting Defenseman of the Year at the booster club banquet although I think it was rigged LOL! For your next blog after the part 2 episode I would like to hear about your first NHL call up to Atlanta. I know it was only 1 game but hey you made it.

ha ha ha lol grant you rock someone has to put that on youtube

What a fun idea! Thanks for giving us a peak behind the scenes. Keep 'em coming, Grant!

Let's see some vids of a day in the NHL Grant. Congrats!!!

hey guys I wanna hear some more of ur songs! so far sooo good ! I LIke what I hear Scottie!

Mr Lewis,

Welcome back to your first Wolves game since Atlanta. Unfortunately it wasn't the result we all had hoped for, but we also know you can't win them all. While watching the game I was VERY curious to how the team would react after Peoria scored the first goal and then the second. I was very pleased to see that right up to the very end the team did NOT give up. Not once.

The fundamentals for a winning or championship team for which I've spoken on before were VERY evident and that's important. You've obviously become more comfortable with yourself and your way of playing. The self doubt or holding yourself back at times didn't show Friday and it most certainly didn't show when you were playing for Atlanta. BRAVO!!!

The team has to remember that even though this is crunch time and every game REALLY counts now you all have to remember to NOT play desperate hockey. If you continue to play that style of hockey that alone could be just as detrimental to the team and the niche you've all developed to the point where you begin to loose focus and make mistakes that ultimately can cost you very valuable points.

The team sort of fell into that a bit on Friday, but after the second period you all re-grouped and did obviously a FULL 180 within your thought process because you all came out with a vengeance by then. There still was a bit of the "catch up" hockey, but not as much as in the past.

The team is obviously aware of the strengths and weaknesses to the point that it isn't holding you back. The team is doing what needs to be done to take care of business. You can't win every game (I get that), but as long as the team continues to strive for the best and play with true heart and soul for the game then everything else will fall into its rightful place.

Don't set too high of expectations because that too can be your down fall. Don't worry so much about trying to be "last year's or last season's team." Continue to be the best that all of you can. No one can or should expect any more or less from each of you.

In closing if you wish to have continued success within your career you must remmeber to always have fun, SMILE and above all have heart....

H- Happines; One of the key components necessary to succeed through
your job/career and all through life. If you are
always down or miserable then you can't expect to
achieve life's rich rewards. For you close yourself
off to the greatness that surrounds us.

E - Effort; Most importantly if you don't put forth this very
element then you just can't expect to achieve. Nothing
worth while comes easy without having to shed a few
blood, sweat, and tears.

A - Assiduous; Must constantly give it your all 200% in order to
not only gain, but RE-TAIN the very fundamentals
necessary to succeed in EVERYTHING you do.

R - Rapproachment; This is where finding that "identity" becomes
VERY apparent.For everything and everyone around
you have harmoniously blened together in
pursuit of the same goals and aspirations.

T- Tolerant; There will be MANY ups and downs during the course
of striving to reach your goals, but you must know
and understand for each great reward comes a few
episodes of loss, suffering and even some failures.
Must allow for those "bumps" to occur and keep
focused on the prize and not the on
a mere few minor set backs.

P.S. Good luck with the next few games coming up. Will try to catch up with you after one of the games during the next week. Hope the shirt wasn't too long to the point you were also in possession of a "night gown" :O)

Mr. Lewis,

Saturday's game against Houston may have been a bitter pill to take however, it's so very easy for the other team to claim a victory when all they seemed to know how to play was "dirty hockey." The cheap shot to Jordan early on only set the stage from the get go. The Aeros obviously felt threatened by the Wolves. As they should. The Wolves are a very solid, well skilled team of professionals.

Aside from the fact that you were once again robbed of a perfect shot which would have no doubt lead to you making an awesome goal,
it was VERY apparent that the ref had his favorite picked out even before the start of the game. Several other cheap shots to the
Wolves that should have been called weren't and other things that
did get called made one wonder "why?"

For some reason the team is reverting back to playing "catch up" hockey and AGAIN at one point the team was also giving up. The pace
slowed way down. I'm sure after playing Peoria, hopping a plane to Houston and then having to play Houston that night was wearing on everyone's body. So that is understandable. The team did manage
to pick themselves up and got back into the game. Would have liked
to see Houston get what they deserved after they made it quite
obvious that playing good, clean hockey wasn't in the cards tonight.

The team has yet another long week coming up. You guys all need to just shake off Friday and Saturday. Look forward to Sunday and the week ahead. The team is still okay and anything can happen. Who
knows may even see the "Defensemen of the year" won't be robbed
next time of the perfect shot and score a goal. How sweet would
that be?

Live each moment holding on to a dream. Never give up reaching for
what you all know is rightfuly yours for the taking. Hang in there,
because it's far from over. You guys will be fine. See you sometime during the weekend/week.

Looking forward to part 2.
I want to see your Thrashers team bus video on your way to the Saddledome.
Everytime I am in Chicago the Wolves are on the road.
I will book a special trip to see you lay the lumber on Toews and Kane in the United Center when that day comes.
Keep your head up.
Go Wolves.
Love from Calgary

Mr Lewis,

Aside from the loss on Sunday was totally not expecting the game to take an even more uglier turn for our favorite blog host. Even though my "situation" is a permanent issue it's still never easy for me to see someone else in pain. Which by the way I have to tell you that you sir deserve MAJOR kudos for the way you handled every single person wanting to talk to you when it was VERY apparent you weren't comfortable by any stretch of the imagination. I'm also guessing you were in some pain. Smiling away as ever trying to get out so that you could head to the hospital.

See what happens when one gets A Calder Cup Championship under their belt, is presented with the "Defensemen of the year" award, and also goes to Atlanta to make their NHL debut in a game?

Hopefully your leg isn't broken or severely fractured as you had mentioned. Didn't you do something similar last season about this time? Is this your latest trend? Heaven forbid!!

Glad you received the gift okay and everything. May you heal quickly and are back on the ice. I'm still calling you a "copy cat" when I see you at the arena. :O)

Mr Lewis,

Now that the playoff roster is out I'm sure it's a bit disappointing for you in light of the latest developments resulting from last week. However, don't allow yourself to get down by any means. Concentrate on healing and taking the necessary steps to get yourself back to 200%. That's what is important right now.

I know you'd rather be out on the ice doing the very thing you hold so dear. You will be back out on the ice before you know it. This was just an unfortunate wrinkle and not something that will hold you back for too long.

Don't let it discourage you, anger you or any other negative thoughts as that will only hinder your progress more. Keep your chin up, keep smiling and above all remain POSITIVE. Everything will be fine.

You get bored and need a little exercise while you're recovering I'll race you around the arena. I can't guarantee I'll let you win. What fun would that be? :O)

Mr Lewis,

Unfortunately the hits just keep on coming don't they? I understand that it was more serious than a fracture. Broken in TWO places and now needing surgery....I mentioned before how much I dislike seeing others in pain. I'm used to situations involving myself, but when it comes to others...that's a totally different issue all together. So to know that you will be out now 3 months-at least, makes me REALLY feel for you. I'd have the surgery for you, but I've already got 50 under my belt. You're on your own on this one. Sorry. :O(

Again, don't get yourself down about the current situation, hang in there and deal with it the best way possible. I know that you're in a lot of physical pain, but it WILL be okay. I have no doubt you will be back better and stronger in no time.

Friends of mine constructed a pretty cool contraption that allowed me to have fun on the ice recently during the Season Ticket Holder Post Game Skate. You'll have to ask the front office staff about that one. It was awesome! If you're truly determined to get back on the ice sooner than soon we could always let you borrow it. May have to make a few other adjustments to it to make it Defensemen ready. It can be done.

Until then may you continue to heal and get better. Sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I know first hand what you are going through and it's going to be a bit of a challenge for the time being, but I believe you will bounce back in full D. Grant Lewis mode in no time. I also left you a card at the front office. Hope it brings some cheer and thoughts of encouragement.

Need a sounding board at any given time don't hesitate to reach out to friends. Sometimes just a shoulder or kind ear is better medicine than what any physician can prescribe.

Mr Lewis,

After my little chat with Mr "BeeBop" Lehman at Hockey For Her recently I for one am looking forward to see the next installments of the video blog. We joked about the editing that had to take place. I'm sure you'd be able to make money off the full length un-edited version of the video blogs. Can you say Ebay? :o)

Also, after being able to tour the Hoffman Estates Park District and getting the chance to see the top notch facility they have there for you guys I have no doubt you'll be back in rare form in no time. I'm really digging that underwater treadmill. That is SWEET!

The guys said you're a bit sore and in some pain, but doing okay (which is good). Stay positive and upbeat as much as you possibly can. I know that can be tough at times, but hang in there. This is only temporary.

Mr Lewis,

Glad to know you're still in good spirits. That's going to be very crucial to how quickly you will heal. Good luck with your surgery and your upcoming recovery. You will be back up and running/skating on the ice before you know it.

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