Giving thanks - for playing on the Wolves

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Hey everybody, a lot has happened since my last entry so... let's get down to business.

My family came to see me for a week and let's just say it's never boring with the "Griswolds." I call my family this since I think we are a lot like the Griswold family in the National Lampoon Vacation movies.

We decided to stay at a hotel since the weather is a little colder out now and they have an indoor pool. The Rivers kids love the pool.

It also becomes a big part of letting them blow off some steam, because let me tell you that having my three kids in a hotel room for too long is like watching the annual running of the bulls. They are great kids but they have a lot of energy. I would also like to thank the cleaning crew that had to come in there every day, I am sure that when they first saw the room their instincts were to call the police and report a robbery. It was pretty upside-down in there.

The "Griswolds" were here for Thanksgiving as well, and that was nice since last year we had to spend it apart, as I was playing overseas in Russia.

The Wolves ownership had the most amazing dinner set up for us at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. There was more food than I have ever seen before at a Thanksgiving meal. It could have fed us for a month, although Mike "Don't Hassle the Hoff" Hoffman tried his best to eat it all.

This was absolutely the best team organized meal I have been to in 14 years of professional hockey. They didn't forget anything and what was really impressive was the set up for the kids. They had an enormous room for the kids to run, play and act wild. There was a great babysitter and my kids had a blast. They also had a great little buffet for the kids including hot dogs, which were not only popular with the kids, but also "The Hoff." I watched him crush one while on break from the main buffet. (Sorry buddy, I couldn't let you get away with it unnoticed) A great time was had by all and I'm looking forward to the next one.

While here in Chicago, my family got to see three games and although it's quite a chore for my wife, who is eight months pregnant, the kids really enjoy it. They get pretty pumped up, but not just to watch the game. They love Skates (of course) and especially like playing floor hockey in the Wives' Room with the other kids. I think that they play just as hard as we do on the ice.

However, the Rivers boys have trouble playing anything without full contact. This means "Mrs. Griswold" (my wife) must referee from the couch and make sure things don't get too crazy. I always come up after the game to see my kids red in the face and out of breath. I also get to see my wife red in the face and ready to go! One thing is for sure, it is never boring when the kids are around.

My wife and kids have since returned home and are getting ready for Christmas, which will be another action-packed fiesta. Until then, I will be doing my best to keep busy and win hockey games.

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Haha great article Jaime. Your family is very nice and it's great to see them come up and watch you play. As for Hoffman, oh boy that food probably didn't see that coming. Great having you here in Chicago!

Jamie - Didn't know you were blogging until I saw it on the Wolves website. You really do like to pick on Hoffman, but don't go to far as you don't want to feel like Yonkman did last night.
It's great to have you on the team this year. Was one of your Christmas wishes to receive better padding, maybe Hoffmans? You do a wonderful job of going down and blocking the puck when it is going at least 90 mph. As you can see I have a daughter that would fit into the "Griswold" world also. She is the one who came up with the McMorrow got run over by a Zambonie song.

First I want make something clear, I was watching my mom write you a comment, and the last part of it was a lie, she actually came up with the "McMorrow got ran over by a Zambonie" song. My mom was also too embarassed to ask you this question, but since she embarassed me I think that I can embarass her; she wants to know if anyone has called you Old Man Rivers or have sung it to you? But the thing that I want to know is since Hoffman likes to eat a lot, are you going to try to put him in a food eating competition as a prank?

Best of luck in Manitoba and I will see you on the 2nd.

What's going on with the Wolves lately? I hear there is a flu bug going around the locker room, and minor injuries which are affecting the players. I also hear there is negativity due to the loosing streak. Where are the team leaders and are they trying to motivate the team? It takes a teamwork to win games and not individuality.

They say last years champions were more of a family type team then in previous years which could be why they went all the way. I know you weren't here, but after game 5 loss to Rockford some of the guys came out with a defeated attitude. I went up to a couple of them and told them that the series was not over until the final whistle blow of the final game. If you don't have confidence and work as a team you will not win. The next game the guys came out in the "Staches" and defeated Rockford in Rockford and went on to become the Champions. Maybe the team needs another "Stache" spark to get them going.

The last couple of games Ghearson kept the game from being a blow out. Yes the goalie's role is to stop the puck from going in, but he needs help from the other guys on ice to keep the puck away from the net. Why are the guys not using the boards more? It seems like the opponents are just skating straight to the net. On our power plays even a 6 on 5 the guys don't seem to be playing the field, but 3 guys are going for the puck along the boards. Why would you need three to play the boards and not have someone by the net for a tip in or a rebound?

Jamie - I have enjoyed reading this blog - hope there are more coming. As a tie in with Adam Burish's latest, I firmly believe that "hockey players are just different". In a GOOD way! I have been a STH for many years, my two girls grew up as hockey fans, mostly Wolves fans and they are now both young adults. All of us here appreciate the product that Don Levin and Chevy put on the ice but I think even more, we appreciate being included so much. As difficult as the events are for you guys, things like "Get Fed" and the Season Ticket Holder party and other smaller personal appearances everyone makes throughout the year are what makes us Wolves fans so loyal. It is great to have the chance to be able to meet our players and to get to know you in some small way. I love to watch kids interact with you guys and the way you always make the fans feel like they indeed matter. So I guess what I am saying is that we all give thanks for you as well. Thanks for always being a great role model-as a parent you know how important that is. Thanks for making a hockey game at the Allstate Arena a great time for the whole family. And.......congrats on the newest "Griswold". Hurry back.

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