Road work for the Wolves

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Last weekend the team embarked on a four-day road trip where we played a pair of games. No one would think that is all that special, except we will be playing the next six games on the road. With that being said every game is going to be important.

What was supposed to be just another ordinary flight to Providence on Thursday had veered itself a little off course. You see the plane experienced a "mechanical difficulty" so not only did we not take that plane to Providence, half the team which had already boarded had to get off the plane.

The airline told us that we had to go to a different gate and wait for a plane that would be coming in from somewhere else. This added time to a day that was about to see me shut it down (go to sleep) for a couple of hours.

We finally arrived in Providence and unfortunately it was raining, not exactly adding to this "great" day. The bus ride to the hotel was fairly uneventful, which was probably a good thing.

We arrived at the hotel and to my surprise we were staying at the Biltmore (not too shabby). The rooms are awesome. They have the bedroom separated from what we will call the living room and the bedroom is home to two king size beds. This is a first for me, having two king size beds in one room, and let me tell you that after 14 years of playing, I don't have too many firsts anymore.

They also had the biggest chair I have ever seen in my life in the corner. Which is probably pretty normal for my roommate Brian Sipotz (he is a large human) or doubles as a spare bed at Steve Martins house (not so large human).

Being that we are on the east coast, I had to find me some seafood, so McCormick and Schmicks got the call for dinner and I was joined by Grant Stevenson and Mike "don't hassel the hoff" Hoffman.

Friday morning the team went down to the rink and had a nice little trot around the track. (That's hockey lingo for morning skate) Everything felt good so hopefully that translates into a good game against Providence. After the skate we went back to the hotel and just like always we feast on pasta and chicken until our bellies are full, then waddle up to the room to get a much needed pre-game nap.

The game against the Bruins was a good one. We won 4-1 and for the most part stuck with the game plan and outworked them. After the game I met up with a good old friend of mine Brendan Walsh, who once played on the same team as me and now is a Boston police officer. Let me tell you, I always thought he would have something to do with the law, just not on this side of it (sorry Walshy). Anyway we met up for some food and good laughs. I had a great time, especially after a good win. It's always so much better when you win.

Saturday was a travel day. After a practice at Providence College, we bused over to Manchester. Once we got to the hotel, I took it pretty easy and went to bed early in preparation for Sunday's tilt.

There was no pre-game skate before Sunday's game against the Monarchs being that the game started at 4 on the east coast. We got off to a bit of a slow start and were quickly down 2-0 after the first period, but we battled back for the rest of the game and were rewarded with a shootout win after tying the game in the last 32 seconds. After the game the guys went and got something to eat and tried to get themselves mentally ready for the 5:45am bus that was awaiting us Monday morning.

The flight back to Chicago was a quiet one as most guys took that time get some more sleep. We have the rest of the day off and we will be right back at it on Tuesday as we have a full week of practice ahead of us before hitting the road again for two games next weekend against Rochester and Syracuse.

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