It's ours!!!!

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Congrats on the biggest win last night!!! i knew you guys would win the cup. never doubted it for 1 second. looking forward to opening night in October!!!

There are no words that could possibly sum this up! CONGRATS you guys more than deserve this :-)

Great job last night, and it sure was fun being there watching it live!!! Congrats to the whole team!

Congratulations on winning the Cup. I am glad you guys won here in Chicago so the fans could celebrate with you. The Allstate was rocking from the start of the game. Even when the score was tied at the end of the 2nd Scott Lehman and Chad Denny said the Wolves would win the game. That is an example of the never give up attitude of champions. It was nice seeing the "scratches" being in uniform and celebrating the win.
It has been a long and wonderful year. From the start of the season, the team has brought us excitement. From the winning streak at the beginning of the year, to the raising of the Cup. From the come from behind Western Division Series win to taking 3 games to win 1 from WBS and bringing the Cup home in game 6. Jason winning the MVP both for the season and the series. Darren setting the AHL Cup scoring record. The whole team deserves a round of applause.
I cannot even imagine what it was like for the "hometown" boy to carry the cup. By the way I like the picture. Enjoy the summer and hopefully you will be back here next season and help keep the Cup here in Chicago. (You never did answer my daughter's question about who you would pick to play characters from Slapshot.)


You all soooo deserve this. I'm just sorry I wasn't there to see the game and to hang around back at the West Gate for the team to come out and meet everyone. Congratulations my friend. See you at the victory party.

Way to go!

Congratulations! I am very excited for you all, all your hard work has paid off. I realize we have to live in the moment and celebrate, but I foresee a win in 2009 as well.

Enjoy your summer and hope to see you back at the Allstate in October!

Like I said in the comment before, it was definately better to win it in front of the fans. My Dad and I have been to nearly every home game during the regular season and the playoffs for the past four seasons and we have enjoyed every shot, every check, save, and every goal you guys have scored. We both knew that this Wolves team this year had the determination and heart to win the cup ever since you scored that game-winning overtime goal in the home opener. Seeing you guys dance around the ice with the Calder Cup after that amazing game 6 win is something that we, as Wolves fans, will never forget. On behalf of all Wolves fans, THANK YOU for an unforgettable season and let's do it again next year! CONGRADULATIONS!

you are a good player.

I say bravo to the Wolves! This is an organization that always thinks championships above everything else unlike other organizations in this town.

Congrats to John Anderson as well. It is about time! Too bad you are not the coach on the West Side which you should have been a long time ago.

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