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The Rockford series is in full swing, and it is nice to be back in the playoff mode after a few days off after the round one against Milwaukee.

Winning our first two games at home was a huge boost to morale, and we knew that going to Rockford was going to be tough, especially with the IceHogs' backs against the wall.

Wednesday we play Game 4 once again in Rockford, and we have gone over the film and discussed some things we did well and not so well in Game 3.

Having the extra day between games 3 and 4 really felt like a big break, a nice day off with some nice Chicago weather really gave everyone a chance to get away and recuperate for the day. A lot of the guys got outside and enjoyed the weather. It was such a nice day, I started the grilling season, got some chicken and potatoes and sat on the deck, ate dinner and enjoying the evening. A lot of the guys were talking about the Dallas-San Jose game that went to quadruple overtime on Sunday night. I
was able to catch the end of the game after we got back from Rockford on Sunday. I have to admit though, I was pretty tired, and even though I tried, I didn't make the fourth overtime. I fell asleep in the third, but it was a great game.

I think that is one of the most exciting parts of playoff hockey. We had a couple of overtime games against Milwaukee, but nothing like that. To have to play the equivalent of two plus games, playing sudden-death OT, has to be one of the most exciting moments in sports. Overtime games are always the most exciting to play in too, especially when you have come from behind to tie it up, forcing overtime.

After a game like that you are so spent, so tired, it is almost a release. I never forget that feeling, it is one of those moments in hockey where you realize how much fun you having, and how lucky you are to be play hockey for a living. All that being said, I hope we don't have any quadruple overtime games, I hope we win all our games in regulation. I don't think my body, or my heart for that matter, could take it.

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I was watching Slap Shot the other day and I thought of a good yet weird question:

Of the main characters in Slap Shot, which current Wolves players would you cast as them?

Talk about going into overtime what about the Phatoms with 5 OT periods followed by going into OT the next game. I do remember going to a Wolves playoff game where it went into OT and I didn't get home until after 1:00 am.

I won't be able to make it to Rockford for game 4, but wish you guys luck anyway. Hopefully you take the win and come back on Friday to win the series and the Western Division. It would be nice to win the series at home to celebrate with the best fans in hockey. We'll see you at the game on Friday. Don't forget Mother's Day on Sunday. If the team needs to go to Rockford for game 6 I told my hubby he will need to take me to the game Sunday.

Hey Brian! I have confidence you will get the win on Friday and then hopefully finish the series on Sunday. Good Luck and LETS GO WOLVES!

Are you coming to play in finland next season? I heard something rumours of that.. I´m really big fan of HIFK helsinki and i hope that you play with HIFK next season!!!


Remember on Friday I told you we'd see you guys on Tuesday. Keep the faith that everything will be okay. Then it will be on to the next round. Hang in there.

Now that the Wolves have finally been able to bring to a close the latest edition of the "Rockford files" by means of running those Rockford pigs right out of town. It's now time to write a new chapter as the Wolves continue their onward quest to bring back the Calder Cup right back here in Chicago. Ultimately re-claiming the title awarded to only the very best..."2008 Calder Cup Champions."

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