On the road again

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Heading to Toronto ....

On the road. Really our first road trip of the playoffs. We haven't had to do any major traveling in the first to rounds playing in Milwaukee and Rockford. Winning our first two games at home puts us in great position in this series. That being said, I think everyone is conscious that we had the same lead over Rockford last series, coming back and winning that series in Game 7. So this road trip is going to be a real test, to see if we can really take control of this series, play a simple and smart couple of games on the road.

It was nice to have a afternoon game on Sunday, helped to have our evening after the game before we left on the road on Monday after practice. A handful of us went our to eat downtown at a neighborhood Italian wine bar. Crabb, Doell, and Desbiens, live right down the street. Motzko, Sterling, and I met up for a relaxing steak and pasta dinner, and wind down after the game. The mustaches have been making quite an impression on people around town. More than once, someone came up to our table to ask if we had lost a bet, or if we were all in a club of some sort. While we have been getting a lot of strange looks lately, there are also a lot of fans that come up and congratulate us on the win, wishing us good luck in Toronto.

We had a light practice Monday morning. A lot of guys are pretty sore after Sunday's game, and it was tough to get motivated to practice. But after a quick skate your legs always feel better. All the guys get excited to play in Toronto, just because it is always so big into hockey. A lot of guys like Haydar, Little, Gherson, Deveaux, and Lehman are from around there or played junior hockey nearby. So they always have a lot of friends and family at the game. With the addition of our own Chicago fans who are making the trip up to Canada, we are hoping to have a good little cheering section at the Ricoh Coliseum.

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Sorry your favorite Pfahey Pfans won't be making it to Toronto this time around.It's okay you'll be fine without us :O). Good luck in Toronto. Make sure to smoke those Marlies, but don't inhale it's bad for you. See you back at Allstate for the Cup!!!

The Wolves have worked so hard to accomplish so much and get to this point. However, I hope that over-confidence doesn't undo everything the team has achieved in order to place them closer and closer to being in reach of the ultimate prize. The Calder Cup deserves to come back to Chicago. Period! The whole premise of "smart hockey" seemed to have apparently gone out the window the last game. Being up 3-0 in the series makes one wonder if the team got too comfortable with their current status and thought that the next game or two were going to be a piece of cake.

When Pogge the "pogo stick" was placed in between the pipes I had an uneasy feeling the game was going to take an ugly turn. There was now fresh, new blood attending at the gate. The Marlies also apparently didn't take their previous losses lightly. One such example was the cheap shot they took at Robert to the point they knocked his mask right off his head. Whether deliberate or not the Marlies sure showed they were now out for blood and planned to get it at almost any cost.

The 6-1 loss was a bitter pill to swallow. That is when and where the Wolves would have needed to REALLY step up their game. The mere premise of "smart hockey" was so needed at that point.

The Wolves will be back in their home den come Friday. I have full confidence that this last little wrinkle poses as a wake up call that the team can't celebrate too much just yet. Their is no rest for the wicked and the weary at this time. There's still too much that still needs to be done before the team can fully rest and breath. The Wolves need to keep that hunger, drive and pure determination I know that each and everyone of you on the team possess and things will fall back into place and everything will be fine. Good luck on Friday and let's smoke those Marlies and send them packing back to their little smoke shop.

The quicker we get the Marlies out of our den the sooner the Wolves can take on a few waddling Penguins or unruley Pirates in the final round. Let's Go Wolves!!!!


I Told you the "Pfahey crew" would see you guys next week at the Cup. Now you have a few days to relax a bit, celebrate( a little) and reflect on the next chapter in this amazing story of the Almighty 2007-2008 Chicago Wolves.
That was a nice article done on you recently by the way.I'm sure your friends and family are beyond proud of you and the accomplishments you've made. Both in the past throughout your career and especially right now. After Friday's game things will only get better from here on out. Enjoy the ride....you deserve it.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WOLVES TEAM on winning the Western Conference. Now it's on to the Finals to win!

Hey Brian! I just wanted to say congratulations to you and the rest of the guys on winning the Western Conference Championship Friday night. It is so sweet to win it on your home ice and now we are just 4 wins away from bringing Calder back to Chicago. Good Luck on Thursday and just remember to work hard and play hard. LETS GO WOLVES!

Hey Brian! I just read your blog. It looks pretty good. I just want to say thanks for coming to the Northbrook Library for a read to succeed. I posted your autograph up on my bedroom wall. Congrats on becoming a Western Conference Champ!

Congratualtions form your fans in California!


I am so excited to see the Wolves have made it this far and continuing onto the Calder Cup Finals. However, before I comment further on the upcoming games I'd like to take a momment to reflect back on some of the off ice adventures from the season as well...

Some of the best waiters come from the Den. We've been serenaded by Jordan LaVallee and witnessed even Coach John Anderson belt out a few tunes of his own. The coaches had us all in hysterics because not only did they put their own spin on it but, gave new meaning to the "Wayne's World" crew. Jason Krog had received more awards than an Oscar Nominee and we got to witness what seemed like for the first time the same Jason Krog crack a smile or two. Had the opportunity to play a few video games with a player or two and left some speechless by the crazy things us fans tend to do. One player (yours truly) not only was graced with fans bearing gifts, but a birthday song in front of a crowd of other adoring fans, players and even some Chicago Wolves front office staff. Another such player (KULDA) left speechless and turning so brightly red faced from my very "innocent" autograph request. Also, if not careful when you least expect it you may find a few of the Wolves players huddled together in an Irish Pub at 1:30am on The Riverwalk.

Now onto the business at hand.... As we look forward to the upcoming games one of my favorite songs which I haven't heard in awhile keeps running through my head. I can't remember the actual name of it or how the song really goes, but it's very fitting just the same given the way the season has continued on to the playoffs and the Calder Cup Finals. The words I can recall are; "Welcome my friends to the show that never ends. So glad you could attend. Come inside, come inside for the show's about to start."

On the ice the season has had it's ups and downs. We've seen the team go through a losing streak at times, a winning streak at others. Along with the team the fans have shared in the victories, the losses, the comings and goings of players between the NHL and ECHL. We've also shared in the pain that some of the players not involved in the cup are most understandably feeling. Both the pain from their back, foot and other ailments/injuries but,also from the pain of having to sit idly by as a spectator in the stands knowing they can't be an active participant in such a glorious event.

In the wild wolves are known for using their ability to set their sights on their prey. They set their sights on what they want and never back down. They run in packs working together as they proceed to pursue their game with the strongest hunger and desire which drives them to not only go after their prey but conquer it with such masterful skill and determination. Then ultimately claiming their prize and reaping the sweet rewards of all their hard work.

The Chicago Wolves also possess those same qualities when it comes down to facing up to and taking down their opponents. The Chicago Wolves at the beginning of the 2007-2008 season set their sights on their prey. That prey being the Calder Cup. The Chicago Wolves as a team have worked together to skillfully and masterfully take down one opponent after another.

The Admirals were sent sailing, the Hogs were sent squealing and the Marlies....oh those pesky Marlies were finally sent smoking far away into next season. Better luck next time guys.

Looking forward to this round in the finals... as long as the Wolves keep to the "smart hockey" and keep to the skills and strategy they know best all will be fine.

Though it would be nice to see the team sweep the Penguins in four straight games I for one would like to have the pleasure of witnessing the final game won here at home.

After all the CUP is coming back to Chicago and how sweet it will be to have the team at home in their own home den claiming their prey in front of their family, friends, and fans.

As the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins prepare to waddle into the " Wolves' Den" to take on our beloved Chicago Wolves the only question I have is "do you like your bird fried, baked or que'd?"

Congratulations on winning the Western Conference title. Next stop is the Calder Cup. You guys were unbelievable on Friday. I hope the week off will help get the guys more into game shape (no more being ill due to colds, Brett having time for his foot to heal). I am really looking forward to celebrating the Calder Cup win in Chicago.


Congratulations on the two wins at home against the Penguins and good luck in Pennsylvania. Like I always say; you guys will be fine. The Penguins have already proven that they aren't exactly playing a clean game in this series (i.e. the cheap shot to Andre Deveaux from their own team captain Sunday) just don't let them rattle you because that's exactly what they want. Don't give into stupid,unnecessary penalties that could ultimately put you down a man or two and hurt you.

We'd all would like to see you guys come home and win it here, but if it just so happens that the Wolves chomp down on a few Penguins in their own house so be it. Will be proud of the team no matter which home the win is accomplished. The Calder Cup is coming home...PERIOD!!!

Good luck and see the team when you come home.

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