No time to rest

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Making it passed Rockford in Round 2 was a real tough test for our team.

I don't think we played our best hockey, but we managed to find a game plan that won us games. Sometimes that kind of adversity helps a team. In our case I think coming back and winning the last two games to win the series gave our team a huge confidence boost. Not only did it show us that even when we are down, and off of our game, we can find a way to win a game; but also that we need to play simple, smart, tough hockey. If we don't stick to our game plan, we will lose games, which is what I think happened to us in the middle part of the Rockford series.

Everyone on the team was pretty exhausted after the game Tuesday, it was a total team effort. The locker room was pretty raucous, lots of congratulations all around. It is a odd feeling to go home after a game like that. The quiet is a bit eerie after being all pumped up from the game. It had been such a great game, the crowd was so into it; when the final seconds ticked off it was so loud on the ice, the fans were great, going crazy!!! We loved seeing all the fake mustaches in the stands as well. They seem to be working for us so far, so we plan on sporting them all the way till the end.

Wednesday was nice day off. Especially with the next round starting on Friday, and playing every other day, there won't be much time for recovery over the next two weeks. I slept in, went out for a good breakfast, and a walk around the neighborhood, before ordering pizza and watching the Dallas-Detroit game on TV. Even managed to watch a movie, Tombstone, which I have never seen for some reason. I started laughing when I saw all the actors on the screen sporting the 'cowboy' mustache. I am hoping some of the guys on the team will end up looking like Wyatt Earp before we get done with the postseason.

Back to work today. Whenever you don't skate for a day, you never feel great the next day back. This morning was no different, and I think everyone felt the same way, trying to get the legs going again before Toronto tomorrow night. Like the other two series, we had a meeting going over the Marlies' tendencies and game plan. Watching videos of our previous games against them this year helps to try and see what will work over the next 7 games. This round will be a little different. We haven't had to travel much at all this playoffs, so this will be a change having to fly in between games. Tonight might be the last night I get to relax, so I plan on having a good steak dinner before watching one of my favorite TV shows, "The Office",and the Penguins-Flyers game, before heading off to bed early.

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Hey Brian! Just wanted to wish you and the guys the best in this Western Conference Finals. I know it was tough against Rockford and it will be tougher against Toronto but if you work hard and keep the focus like you guys did in Game 7 then you will win. We love the mustaches and we as fans will be sporting ours because we will do whatever it takes to help out and get some victories. GOOD LUCK AND LET"S GO WOLVES!


Tuesday was DEFINITELY an awesome night. The crowd was SO pumped up. Many of the fans around the arena believe it or not were very teary eyed if not all out shedding tears of joy. The fans are so proud of all of you. You all worked VERY hard to get to this point. I know how you guys are about the playoff tradition, but for some odd reason the grizzly bear look wasn't working this time around. Once the guys shedded the beards and got back to the "smart hockey" and playing the way the Wolves are known to play with TOTAL heart, strategic skill, the drive,and desire to win games in such a way that makes the Wolves who they truly are things finally fell back into place.

The Wolves definitely are a force to be reconed with. For some reason early on with Rockford the team fell into slump, but the team that we fans all know and love are BACK and as long as the team continues on with that same momentum and smart hockey, we all witnessed on Tuesday everything will be just fine. However, not sure we all can handle another game 7.

First the Milwaukee Admirals were sent off to set sail into next season and then the Rockford Ice Hogs were sent squealing all the way back home to their pig pen for yet another season it's now time to take on the Toronto Marlies and show them that the Wolves will not back down to them. Good luck with Round 3. Let's GO WOLVES!!!!!

This series against Toronto may be the toughest one yet. Toronto was only 2 points behind you guys in points for the Conference at the end of the season. Since we didn't see much action against Toronto, it is hard to comment on them.
The game on Friday was a decent one. It could have gone either way up until the middle of the third period. I think everyone looked tired by the end of the game.
I do like the staches though. The girls are even using eyebrow pencil to put the staches on thier faces. The only thing is that some of the guys look like they are still in the 70's with them.


What a wonderful start to Round 3. Good luck in Toronto and see you back here for the Calder Cup next week.

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