Game 7: Moustache Rally

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Game 7. After a few up and down games, we were able to put together a tough road win in Rockford to force a Game 7 back in Chicago tomorrow night. After Game 5, with our backs against the wall, we had a team meeting talking about keeping our game simple and playing with desperation. Some of the guys on the team felt we needed to loosen up a bit after our game 5 loss, and mandated the shaving of our playoff beards into mustaches, calling game six a 'mustache rally'!!! So out we went in Game 6 with mustaches up and down the bench. I won't say I was gung-ho about the idea, but I am not going to complain, we won, and that is all that matters.

Game 7's are always the most exciting, nerve wracking contests, no matter what sport. You know that you are either going on to the next round, or starting your summer break. I have only played in one other game seven in my career, two years ago when I was in Iowa against Milwaukee. Being the underdogs in that series and coming from a 2 game deficit, you never think about losing in Game 7. Darren Haydar was on Milwaukee that year, and if you talk to him, he acts like they had the series won all along, I think it was a little closer. Although they did win Game 7 pretty convincingly.

The most important part of a Game 7, is the mental attitude. Even though you know that it may be your last game, you have to approach it like every other game, not try to do too much, and just play to our own team's strengths. Taking everything you have learned from playing the last 6 games, using it to your advantage, and at the same time know, that everything that happened in those games doesn't matter. Always believing you are going to be the team coming to the rink the next day to practice for the next round! Everyone is excited to be back in our home rink, with our fans, in our building. We had a great team effort to win Game 6, and I think everyone is really geared up to play tomorrow night, knowing that we if we play smart hockey we will win Game 7 and put ourselves into the conference finals. And of course we have our mustaches, so we have that going for us too!

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Brian - You and the guys played amazing on Sunday. The "stashes" were the best! Thanks for a great Mother's Day. Best of luck on Tuesday.

I want to thank you all for the best Mother's Day gift ever...a win to advance to game 7. I am not ready to say good-bye for the summer. It was well worth the trip to Rockford!

You and Boris are my fav's!

Hey Brian!

Great idea with the mustaches! I went to Rockford which was a last minute decision and I am so happy that I did. Nothing is better than a win on Mother's Day and I wish you and the team good luck tomorrow as we can send the Icehogs home for the summer. Take care and LET"S GO WOLVES!!!!

It was a great game on Sunday. I was wondering why you guys didn't have the full beards at the game. The section I was sitting at did get pretty loud and I think some of the Hog fans were upset that we were louder than they were. The team did show alot more heart and effort Sunday and that is what you need to play with in order to win.
I could tell Friday that most of the guys were upset, but most of us who stayed after kept telling the team to go into the game with a positive and winning attitude.
After Sunday's win we called up one of the fans who was discouraged after the Friday game and said "In your face" you never give up until the final whistle in the final game is blown.
To take the motto of the Sox when they took the World Series "Don't stop believing"
I'm glad I got the gift I wanted for Mother's Day this year.

Sunday morning I was worried. Could you guys find the heart to win in Rockford? Out come the moustaches and cocky stride, then you're celebrating goals together... BUT, what really brought the HEART home for me was seeing 4 different times when a guy skated to the bench steaming, but rather than commiserate and let the momentum move toward self-defeating, teammates found a way to help each man find his focus - brains over anger - let them get caught, let them get do WANT to win it after all! Fantastic!

That was truly the best Mother's Day present the win in Rockford. Nothing so nerve wracking as watching playoff games, I've seen them all, good luck tonight. I know you guys have the heart and character to win and move on to the championship round.

Bee-yoo-tee-full game Tuesday night. Mustaches or not, you guys woulda won that game hands down. Great to be there and see the victory. Bring on Toronto? What is a Marlie, anyhow?

In answer to the question of "what is a Marlie?" Check out the website There you will locate the answer to where the name "Marlies" originated from.

However, we have full faith in the the Wolves that they will sending the Marlies back to the dog pound soon and onto claiming what is rightfully their's... The CALDER CUP!! Let's Go Wolves!!!

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