Ready for Game 3

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We knew going up to Milwaukee that the series was going to take a little turn. Whenever you change venues to the other team's home ice, the tempo changes. We weren't disappointed.

The ice in Milwaukee was soft and slow, making the puck bounce all over the place. The game was physical, but because the ice was so slow, the game wasn't as fast. Our team plays with a lot of speed, so anytime the game slows down, it tends not to be to our advantage. Although the game was a roller-coaster, back and forth, we were able to win in overtime off a Darren Haydar rebound goal. In the locker room after the game, everyone was excited, but exhausted at the same time. A lot of guys around the locker room were beat up and looked forward to a couple days rest before Game 4 on Wednesday.

Even though it was a short road trip, we were all pretty happy to get on the bus, eat our dinners, and head home to get some rest. Monday was an optional day, and most of the guys took the day to sleep in and catch up on rest. I know I was personally pretty sore the next day, and it was nice to get outside and enjoy the Chicago spring weather. Whenever we have a day off like that in the middle of a lot of games, I like to get out and walk around, stretch the legs and try to get the soreness out of my legs. I watched a little bit of the NHL playoffs on TV at night, and packed up to go back on the road on Tuesday, preparing for our first back-to-back games of the series, returning home on Thursday.

I was a little flustered last road trip, because my pre-game meal spot, Mo's Cucina had closed down recently, apparently not many other people thought it was a great spot. So for this trip, I have to go find myself a new dinner spot. Every time I ask someone where to go, they always mention a German restaurant. Normally I would be all excited to try a little local Milwaukee fare, but I am a little cautious about sausages the night before a game.

Taking a lead in the series was a huge step for our team. Game 3 will definitely be a tough game, both teams knowing how big a difference a two-game differential is. We had a good practice Tuesday morning, a video session on tendencies from Game 3, a little lunch, and we got on the bus up to Milwaukee.

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Game 3 was definitely exciteing. I won't talk about game 4, but you're right, that Milwaukee ice really hindered everyone's speed. At least for game 5 on Thursday you guys will have speed on your side again on home ice and you'll be able to get ahead of the play. I know all of you will bounce right back. Go Wolves!


Awesome game on Thursday and congrats on your first goal of the playoffs. Very nice. Looking forward to round two.


Thanks to you and the rest of the team for the help with the "logo' project. Hopefully, Jordan passed on the letter to you all. You all rock!! Good luck with the rest of the Playoffs and onto the quest for the cup.

The "Pfahey crew"

Milwaukee to the Chicago Wolves: "You sank my battle ship"

Wolves to Milwaukee Admirals: "And that's a problem why?"

Way to go Brian!!! You guys are awesome. Keep it up.

Well now that the Wolves beat Milwaukee the topic is mute but for next season, the resturant is called Maders and it's got rich-but wonderful food. I wouldn't suggest it before a game, but it's a great place to go if you want authentic German food. plus it's right across the street from the Bradley Center

Oh and Congratz on moving forward, all the fans are really proud of the team.

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