Glamorous life of a pro athlete

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We started the week in the middle of a '5 in 6'. Much tougher than the infamous '3 in 3' I have talked about.
What made it even tougher was that we had to travel on Monday to Winnipeg, Manitoba for games against the Moose.
It was really nice to sleep in on Monday, we don't have a huge number of days where we
can sleep in till whenever, so I took advantage and spent a lazy morning reading the paper and taking my time packing for the trip to Manitoba.
Since our flight out of O'Hare was at three, I showed up at 1:30. thinking I would get a good seat on the flight, and look forward to a good meal when we arrived in Winnipeg. I had checked the flight before I left my house, everything was on time. Of course, by the time I was checking in, the flight was delayed till 4.
The guys on the team slowly started to show up at the gate, no one very happy that we had a delay. All the guys have books, or music, crossword puzzles, and sudoku puzzles to pass the time, and everyone was pretty busy doing their own thing in the terminal.
As four approached, we noticed a number of flights being canceled up and down the terminal, and then of course, our flight to Winnipeg was canceled. This did not sit
well with anyone, and I think Coach Anderson was a little worried about trying to rebook flights for 20 guys to Winnipeg.
By this time guys were getting a little anxious, and to pass the time Joe Crabb started
to test everyone with riddles he had looked up over the Internet. Now, I am not saying we aren't bright, but I am not going to tell you we solved many of the
riddles either. Needless to say, this helped to pass the time considerably.
Finally we were able to rebook a flight to Toronto, flying to Winnipeg the next morning. The flight to Toronto wasn't until 9, so we had some time to kill, and since it was about dinner time, a bunch of us headed over to Macaroni Grill in the airport. When I was a kid, I always saw people eating meals in the airport and thought it was pretty cool, they seemed like busy, important people.
Let me tell you, that is not the case, we are just the people who had been stuck in the airport for 6 hours!!
Before dinner had ended, our flight was pushed back to 10:45, and we passed more time by the terminal before we finally took off to Toronto at 11. Nine hours in the airport, arriving in Toronto at 2 am, and flying out to Winnipeg at 6:30 am didn't not get anyone the rest they needed for Tuesday's game against the Moose.
By the time we arrived in Winnipeg, all anyone wanted to do was sleep, which we did, until game time.
It's funny how sometimes in a tough situation, adrenaline will take over and give you that bit of energy you need. And that was certainly the case on Tuesday. We were able to beat Manitoba and clinch our first place in our division.
Although it had been a relief to win the game after such a long travel schedule, I think we were all to tired to be overly excited, especially knowing we and another game on Wednesday.
We all headed back to the hotel for a quick bite to eat, and to bed, hopefully to catch up on sleep for the next night.

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Very funny story, I heard some of you guys lost your luggage too.
I have a question though, I recently looked at the standings and I noticed that five teams clinched a playoff spot in the West division and only three have clinched in the North division. I was under the impression that only four teams from the west division could clinch like last year. How will that work if five teams from the west are in the playoffs? Will one of the teams from the west division have to play a north division team before the conference finals?

Well it's nice to know that normal people aren't the only ones whose flights get cancelled. I'd like to hear some of the riddles that Joey came up with, or better yet did Steve play any of his pratical jokes while you were stuck at the airport? Hope your flight back to Chicago this week is better. Did you guys get to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame while in Toronto for Wednesday's game and if so did you try being a goaltender?
Hopefully you guys will come back with the best record in the Western Conference. See you at the game on Saturday.

What happened to you guys on Wednesday? I didn't watch the whole game but my husband said it looke like the worst game of the season for you guys. Please get back into the winning mode you were in the beginning of the season.

I have a few questions for you today. Notice that it isn't my mom.

1. What does the team do on the free day(s) when you fly to Canada or other farther places?

2. How do the players feel when a Wolf is booed?

How is it that we have a blog here for the Atlanta Thrasher's AHL Chicago Wolves but nothing of the sort for the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks?

It sure would be nice to see a blog entry for the Blackhawks AHL Rockford IceHogs this weekend. They are battling in the AHL playoffs as well.

Editor responds: If the two teams play in the next round, we'll see what we can do. But there's only one AHL team in Chicago. Thanks for the note.

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