Brian answers more questions

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Q: How will that work if five teams from the west are in the playoffs? Will one of the teams from the west division have to play a north division team before the conference finals?

A: The way our conference works is that if the fifth place team in our division ends up with more points
than the other divisions fourth place team, we send our fifth team into that division against their top
seeded team. This is because we have one more team than the north division.

Q: What does the team do on the free day(s) when you fly to Canada or other farther places?

A: We don't have many free days on the road usually flying in the night before and leaving the morning
after. But if we have a day of no games on the road, it is usually treated like any other day at home, with
a practice in the morning. Depending on where we are, the team might organize a trip to the mall or sights, like last year's trip to Hockey Hall of Fame. Guys usually like to just relax and enjoy having the time off in the afternoon, and just plan for a nice meal before a game day. In Toronto, a bunch of us went to a Portuguese restaurant that Steve Martins wanted to try out, since he is Portuguese. And I am going to say that I was pretty impressed when Stevie stated talking to our waiter in Portuguese!!

Q: How do the players feel when a Wolf is booed?

A: No one on our team likes to see a team mate booed. In that locker room we all support each other, we know when guys make mistakes, and we know we are all going to make mistakes too, it is part of the game. When it happens, we ignore it as best we can, pick each other up, and help each other out. Our fans in Chicago are the best fans around, loyal and enthusiastic. Our crowd gives us a huge home ice advantage. We know that it happens, and we also know that what matters is that in our locker room, everyone is capable and we each bring something to help the team win.

Q: Is the team going to be doing something for the playoffs, like facial hair?

A: Every year, in hockey tradition, guys on the team grow playoff beards. While a few guys around won't grow facial, I think the vast majority will grow a beard, goatee, or a mustache. Part of the fun is watching to see how each guys decides to grow their beard. And, to see which guys can't!!!

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Is there a competition to see who can grow the best facial hair? And who is being a party pooper and not spouting some fuzz? ;)

B. Fahey is the best damn looking athlete in professional sports.

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