Brian answers more questions

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This is the second installation of Brian's answers:

1. Please explain how to figure the +/- statistic. Also explain what it means.

The +/- stat is kept as a measure of goal differential for a specific player, indicating if a player is on the ice when his team scores or is scored on.
You can only get a plus if you are on the ice for a goal during an even-strength or shorthanded shift (5 vs. 5, 4 vs. 4, 4 vs. 5 etc.).
A player gets a minus if he is on the ice during a goal against, again even-strength, or on the power play.
Plus and minus are not given out for goals for on the power play or for goals against on the penalty kill.

The plus/minus stat is used to compare players to one another on a team, as an indication of how they play defensively.
Obviously this stat is always deceptive, because players get minuses on plays when the goal is not their fault or sometimes when they just step on
the ice, and vice versa on the plus side.

Defencemen take a lot of pride on our plus/minus, because we want to show that we are not on the ice when our team gets scored on. Because of this, it is used more as a defenseman's stat more than anything.

There is always a fun rivalry amongst the d-men to get pluses, and once in a while during a line change, you might just hop on to catch a plus, and it is always fun to give
the guys on the bench a wave to let them know you 'stole their plus'!

2. Who on the team has played in all games this year? There would be two categories.

A) A player who played all games while assigned to the Wolves (meaning if he were called up/set down it would not count as him missing a game) for example Kevin Doell.

Since this question has posted, Kevin Doell actually missed a few games with an injury, so he is no longer the example. This is a hard one to figure out, and I am not sure, but the only guys that this might apply to are Joel Kwiatkowski, Bryan Little, and maybe Brett

B) A player that has played every single game on the schedule.

I believe the only players that have played every single game this year are Jesse Schultz, Jason Krog, and Nathan Oystrick, playing in all 72 games thus far.

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Please explain what determines whether a player has to clear waivers before he can be sent back to the minors.

Also what is the difference between a restricted and an unrestricted free agent.

I have a few questions for you today, notice that it isn't my mom Ha jk.

1. When you fly out to Canada what do you do on the day off?

2. Is the team going to be doing something for the playoffs ex: facial hair?

I thought of another question...

How do you and the players feel when one of your players is booed?

I too would like to know the answer to Stephanie's question regarding how the players feel about another team mate being booed at. I feel its VERY wrong for fans/people to boo or clap when one is scratched like they do to Karel Pilar. He IS still a Wolves' player.

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