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Back from the road. It was a tough road trip, we didn't play great on the week, a lot of the guys on the team are banged up with injuries, and we are still shorthanded from call-ups to Atlanta.

My normal defensive partner, Boris Valabik, was called-up to Atlanta for his first stint in the NHL. I was pretty excited for him, I always think it is neat to see guys get their first chance to show what they can do in the NHL.
With injuries and call-ups, there are a lot of changes in the lines, and it is tough to get into a rhythm with someone you just started to play with.

This week is going to be a welcome break from games to rehab injuries and to try and rest guys up and get healthy again before playoffs, which are only a couple
weeks away.

I am always amazed how fast the second half of the season goes by. One day you have 30 games left and the next thing you know there are 10 games left and you are watching every night to see the standings for playoff position.

This time of year is also a lot of fun with college basketball and hockey finals. We have a lot of college guys on our team who follow their old schools, and to have a few friendly bets on whose school will come out on top. I had been trying to follow my Wisconsin Badgers in the NCAA Final Four tourney, but they kept having games the same days as us, so I had to resort to SportCenter highlights late at night after the game.

The NCAA hockey tourney is always fun to follow too, and there always is a heated discussion about whose team is better, whose league is better. And I swear every year the winner is a school that no one on the team played for, from a league no one on
the team played in.

With the season winding down, and games becoming more and more frequent it is tough to find days to relax and rest. Earlier this week, we clinched a spot in the playoffs, and although that was nice, most the guys have been focusing on clinching our division and
hopefully conference, putting ourselves in position for home ice during the playoff run. Every game from hear on in is important for playoff seating, and I think a week of practice will definitely help to heal our team and make that final push for home-ice

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The last half of the season did go by pretty fast. It is hard to believe that there are only a few home games left. It did take awhile for the team to clinch a playoff spot, but then your division is one of the toughest in the league. Good luck on the road trip this time. Hopefully the team will fair better than the last trip. See you on Sunday.


Congratulations on the Division Title. Told you the team would make it didn't I? You guys worked so hard for that title and it is WELL deserved. Good luck with the playoffs and see you guys soon.

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