Dealing with an injury — and sarcasm

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Even with a 5 days of rest and a lot of rehab I wasn't able to get back in game shape for Friday's game against Iowa.

In the game against Providence last week, I was hit with a knee in the second period and
had a deep thigh bruise. I was able to play the rest of the game without any problems, but after the game was over, it swelled up pretty good, and I left the
rink with a limp.
After a day off on Monday, I still had trouble walking and bending my leg from the
swelling in my leg and i had to take Tuesday and Wednesday off from practice. This is never easy. Not only do you want to be healthy and get ready for the upcoming games, but your teammates always like to let you know that they still have to skate.
Needless to say I got a lot of comments about taking too many days off, being a little too soft, and milking an injury just a little too much. So not only do you have to
deal with an injury, but also with everyone's sarcasm.
Not being on the ice, I spent a lot of time with our trainer Kevin Kacer, in charge of keeping everyone as healthy as possible. Everyday he would put me through a whole regimen of warming my leg up in the hot tub, ultrasound, massage, bike, stretch, electric stim, and then an ice down of my leg, all trying to get the
blood out away from my thigh to a point where I could
When Friday came along, my movement had improved a lot, but my strength wasn't there. I spent the weekend resting my leg, not skating at all, and watching the games from the stands. It's never easy to watch a game when you should be playing in it.
But it made it a lot easier that we won 5 out of 6 points.
I know for myself, and some other guys I am sure, when you are hurt, it feels like everything gets put on hold while you rehab and get healthy. You're not around the team as much, not on the ice, and don't get to be in the locker room with all the guys during
games. Skating again on Tuesday was tough, the leg still stiff from my injury, and though it was getting better, I sat Wednesday's game out to try and strengthen it more for the upcoming weekend against Lake Erie and Peoria. Everyday has been better, and
hopefully it will be back to normal for the game on Friday.

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The sarcasm comes from fear... they're FREAKING without FAHEY! Feel better, man.

You must have needed the time for your injury to heal as you played a decent game and scored during Saturday's game.

Why do the guys give others a hard time when they are injured? I would think the team would want thier players at 100% when you go to the playoffs.

Good luck on the road trip.

Dahey goes Fahey
He's shootin down the ice
Dayhe goes Fahey
He's shootin the puck
shootin the puck into the net!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO.

When I hurt my knee in Gym my mom's co-worker made me a LOVELY letter: W _ M P, would you like to buy a vowel? He was so mean, did any of the players/coaches do anything like that to you?????

-The Wolves Cheerleader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you kidding me??? Sarcasm is nothing more than another form of jealousy, envy or just plain ignorance. It's not like you sat around on your couch feeling sorry for yourself or thinking only of yourself. You were working dilligently with Mr Kacer to make yourself and your leg better so that you could be there for your team. So that you could do your job. When I read your blog I was angry to know that some would have the audacity to accuse you of "milking the injury." Are they serious??? Do these same people pay attention to how effective you are on the ice and how you are a team player? Maybe they should spend a little more time worrying about their own playing ability and not be so quick to jump all over someone who actually gets the job done. Here's an idea..make them sit and watch the tapes from last Friday and Saturday's games. Milking an injury indeed. Yeah right!
Great job by the way and glad you are back on the ice where you belong.

Here is another question for you Brian.

Who on the team has played in all games this year? There would be two categories.
1) a player who played all games while assigned to the Wolves (meaning if he were called up/set down it would not count as him missing a game)for example Kevin Dole
2) a player that has played every single game on the schedule.

"Sarcasm is nothing more than another form of jealousy, envy or just plain ignorance"

What? I don't think so. If done properly it is a perfectly honorable humor device. Any locker room is filled with guys who poke fun at each other; it's about being part of a team, of fitting in. It's one way of letting him know he's still one of them. If they didn't care about him, they would ignore him. Lighten up.

You asked for question, here is another one regarding the roster.

If players can be called up to play for the Wolves due to injuries why wasn't anyone brought up to play in Saturday's game?

The team was down to playing 5 defensemen and you guys did a heck of a job. Collin had to play Center. You're lucky no one went down or had a game misconduct. I even heard that Johnny couldn't go through with his punishment for the guys who got penalized for jabbing at the refs because he had no one to play for them.

At least the team is off until Friday so you can get some rest for the 3 in 3 coming up this weekend. You guys really need it. Most of the guys looked so tired at the Skatesmate party last night.

By the way did Devo save his water bottle?

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