Three cups of tea on a bus ride

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Thursday was a travel day. Practice in the morning with a bus ride to Iowa afterward. The day after a loss is
always tough, especially since the night before we lost in overtime.

The locker room is never as lively, and everyone seems to be a little more tired, the legs more sore than usual. No one feels like going out on the ice, but everyone comes alive after practice, and your body definitely feels better after a skate.
Before we got on the bus, I headed over to Subway with Steve Martins to grab lunch for the bus ride, with a stop into Target for a book to read over the next few hours.
Guys all have their own ways to relax and get through a bus ride. One group always plays cards in the back, leaving the younger guys in the front in charge of bringing movies to watch. I always think that is a tough job for guys, you don't want to be the rookie who gets booed for bringing a bad movie for the
bus ride.
A few of the guys tend to read books, always a wide selection of reading materials. Some guys like the gossip magazines, US Weekly, and People. Colton Fretter was reading Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money'. Then you have veterens like Steve Martins reading the latest Barack Obama book, brushing up on his politics. I had brought a new book, 'Three cups of Tea', which was good since it a fairly quick read, good for a bus ride.
Guys are always glad to get into whichever city we are heading, and we reached Des Moines just in time to head out to dinner and get feuled up for Friday's game against Iowa.

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am curious about the book, 'Three Cups of Tea'.... What is it about?

Keep up the good work on the ice, you are one of my favorite players!


You are my favorite hockey player.

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