Sore but ready for a laugh

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Back at the practice rink after a day off Sunday. A lot of the guys on the team were pretty sore from the
games last week, especially a rough 4-1 win against Rockford on Saturday night.

A few of us came in early to get our injuries taken care of; trying to get as healthy as possible before another week of games starts on Wednesday.
The training room is always a good place to hang out and find out what's going on with everyone. There are always a handful of guys with ice bags, usually myself and a few other defensemen, along with Kevin Doell and Colin Stuart who take a lot of blocked shots during penalty kills.
A few with heat packs, Brett Sterling and Steve Martins. And a few sitting in the cold tub, almost always Jason Krog and Darren Haydar, to catch up on what everyone did on their day off...usually a lot of sleeping and TV, but once in a while you get a good story.
After a light practice, a lot of the same guys will be icing down again, but usually in front of the tv in the locker room watching the tape of Saturday's game in Rockford. Rewatching the game is always fun, lots of sarcastic comments about each other's play, but this week, the favorite clip from the game was
during intermission. All the guys got a good laugh at coach John Anderson saying how great his face felt
after a facial for the 'Make over the Coach' segment. Mondays are always good for a few laughs, to get the
body back into hockey mode after a day off, and to get back to thinking about the games during the week ahead.

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My Dad and I were at the Rockford game on Saturday night and we both agreed that all of you guys played like a championship team that night. Nice goal by the way. I knew that puck was going in the second you shot it. Keep up the great work! Go Wolves!

Brian Fahey I am a huge fan of you. I think you rock and I love the old video of the pre-game show I got to see some older players from the wolves. I think you rock and you should play hockey for the rest of your life.. Well the best of luck for the rest of the season. Keep scoring goals. Are you a rookie? I think that you should be in the NHL rather than the AHL. I hope to see you soon and be at one of the games. I hope you make the NHL very soon and Happy Bualated Birthday. And I like when your a starter and stpo backwards when you stop I THINK THAT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER! Well keep scoring and I will see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Rock

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