Putting up a fight

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Back to back games against any team always are interesting. The game on Sunday against Iowa was a perfect example of how one game's intensity carries over into the next. Right from the drop of the puck in Sunday my defensive partner Boris Valabik was involved in a fight with Iowa's BJ Crombeen, a rematch from Friday night.

The two of them had been playing a physical game against each other Friday, and I know at least Boris wanted to set the tone on Sunday that our team was ready to play and wasn't going to allow Iowa to control the game physically. And, although I am biased, I have to say Boris got the better of his opponent.
The first period was definitely a battle to control the game, two more fights breaking out in the period, myself and Nathan Oystrick both fighting in our defensive end. At least from my point of view, from someone that doesn't fight a lot, sometimes it is necessary to protect yourself, your teammates, and I think most importantly your goaltender. Iowa was trying to create scoring chances for themselves by crashing our net, trying to get rebounds off of our goalie Ondrej Pavelec.
I guess I felt one of their players was getting a little too close and being a little too physical around Pavelec. The goalies are so vulnerable to injury when they are on the ground making saves. That makes it important for everyone, especially defensemen, to protect them, boxing out our opponents, not letting them obstruct our goalie's view, and certainly never hit them.
After the first period, the game settled down, and we were able to get a solid 3-1 victory. We are heading out of town on Tuesday for a four-day road trip to San Antonio, so today is a good day to relax. A bunch of us our heading out to see the Foo Fighters in concert at Allstate Arena and enjoy the night, before a big week of games, four in five days, that will have big implications on the division and league standings.

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It was a good game on Sunday. Yes there were the fights 3 of the defensemen were involved in, but Andre and Jordan did good jobs of keepeing their cool when being provoked. The Wolves are heading for the playoffs soon and should repeat the win from 98.

Go Wolves

Stellar game on Sunday, a true reflection of how you guys have been playing with your hearts and amazing skill all season!!!!

Brian, one question I've always had about hockey is this: Does fighting with a certain player lead to more fights, or do you sort of call a truce? I woinder because the Wolves play some teams often, and will likely meet some of them in the playoffs.

We all know that Brian is not a fighter, but it was good to see Brian finally kick some butt! You did a great job holding your own and protecting the goalie. I also don't know why ANYONE would pick a fight with Boris. All he has to do is give someone that look.

Keep up the good work Brian!

Your #1 Fan's #1 Aunt!

brian my question is about fighting when someone has a fight with a player from another team and it seems to be somewhat ongoing for most of the season how do the players feel if by chance they become teammates and now have to play and work together ..and how do they deal with any bad blood betwwen them due to the many fights they may have had ... thanks

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