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Ventura states the obvious about Sox offense: 'It stinks'

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White Sox manager Robin Ventura (left). AP PHOTO

OAKLAND, Calif. -- White Sox manager Robin Ventura called it the way he saw it after his team's 3-0 loss to the Oakland A's on Friday night.

"It stinks" is about as strong as it gets for the mild-mannered manager, who labeled his team's offense as such after Dylan Axelrod's strong start went to waste in his team's fourth loss in a row that dropped it to 24-28 on the last day of May. The Sox are last in the American League in runs, hits, walks, slugging percentage and on-base percentage, to name a handful of categories.

Here are Ventura's postgame comments after Bartolo Colon became the second oldest A's pitcher to throw a complete-game shutout. He was the first American Leaguer to pitch a shutout since Curt Schilling did it on June 7, 2007.

On Axelrod, who was charged with two runs over seven-plus innings.

"He was good. He just wasn't as good as theirs. That's probably one of the better games Ax pitched until he gave up a couple of hits. Bartolo was throwing great. The way we're swinging it offensively might have helped him out a little bit but he's still a good pitcher and pitched a great great. I just think right now, especially after the last three games to come and get this, a pitcher can't give up a run just the way we're playing offensively.

On Colon:

"He's a smart pitcher. If you're trying to be patient and work him, he's a strike thrower. He gets ahead early. He has more of a medicine ball-type sinker. Guys just couldn't get underneath it and do anything with it. Even when you get a hit there's not much to it.''

On Axelrod:

"Ax knows how to pitch. The last one was a little not like you would expect but he throws strikes, he's a smart pitcher. He was just bested today by a guy that threw a great game.

"Yeah, it stinks. It needs to get better. If you're not scoring runs it looks a lot worse. It just needs to get better. I don't think it's approach. When you go over offensive stuff and give them the information, it's sound stuff. It's just a stretch that stinks.''

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1 Comment

With respect to Robin, it's not "just a stretch that stinks." This has been going on since last September 19th.

Throw in the same mistakes again and again on the bases and in the field and you've got a team where some guys have already mentally checked out and are hoping to get traded.

As far as the others they simply are flat out bad, period.

It's not "just a stretch" Robin and I suspect as a good player yourself back in the day, you know that.

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