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Konerko: Going to Hawks-Wings Game 7 'dream for me'

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As luck would have it, Paul Konerko scored tickets to Game 7 of the Blackhawks-Red Wings playoff series Wednesday.

As luck would have it, the Sox are playing the Cubs during the day.

"My first thought was I couldn't go because I never think of a weekday game being a day game,'' Konerko said. "Then it hit me that we had a day game. Lucky me, I get to go to the game and catch it. Hopefully we don't do anything stupid like have an extra inning game or any rain delays tomorrow. Let's keep our fingers crossed there.''

Konerko, who grew up in Rhode Island and Connecticut playing hockey (he was a youth league center and right wing) watches a ton of hockey during the offseason. He said he can go back to as far as he can remember and name the winners of every Stanley Cup champion and the team captain who hoisted the trophy.

The Sox' team captain isn't tight with any Blackhawks but has met a lot of them.

"All good guys, as most hockey guys are,'' he said. "Hopefully they can pull it off.''

Konerko played hockey until he was 16.

"I still go down and skate when I can, as far as the team doesn't know that,'' he said. "Every now and then I get out there. I have a couple of buddies who coach younger kids back home. I'll get out there with them some times in the offseason.''

Konerko said he hasn't attended a Stanley Cup playoff Game 7, so he's stoked about seeing this one.

"Yeah, it really is kind of a dream for me,'' he said. "Just the way our seasons work out, you never really get a chance for that to happen. I'll definitely take it in.''

"So, yeah, I'm looking forward to, I don't know what to expect. I'll be like a fan and it will be pretty cool.
"Winning the Stanley Cup, that is the biggest thing in the world.

"I recognize the magnitude of it and how cool it is. I think you are always pulling for the guys on the team that had not won one. That's a big thing in hockey, those guys are animals out there. You appreciate that they play hurt. They are really just one of a kind type of guys. You just respect that as a fellow kind of athlete or player in another sport. It doesn't get lost on me the importance of what it means to those guys, where they come from and all that. It's a huge deal, probably more than any other sport.''

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