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White Sox' Peavy in (loud) mid-season form

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Jake Peavy throws one of his 81 pitches Wednesday. PHOTO BY DARYL VAN SCHOUWEN

GLENDALE, Ariz. - It's the White Sox way to steer their pitchers away from facing American League Central teams, so Jake Peavy and several top relievers pitched in scrimmages against Sox minor leaguers Wednesday morning.

You wouldn't have known it being within earshot of Peavy, who huffs, puffs and yells with mid-season intensity.

"In that environment, sometimes I don't want to get crazy and you guys think I'm some kind of animal down there screaming and yelling, scaring children,'' Peavy said. "I got a couple guys' families back there out seeing his first spring training and I'm out yelling and screaming on the mound.''

Peavy wasn't happy with his location - he gave up a homer to Dan Black and was knocked around a little - but he said he threw 60 of his 81 pitches using a slide step out of the stretch position "as if Austin Jackson was on first base.''
"To be able to work on stuff like that is huge for me,'' he said.

Peavy is also feeling some fatigue, which is normal for this point in camp with Opening Day two and a half weeks away.

"I'm kind of coming into that dead arm - whatever that means - mode,'' he said. "I don't feel crazy fresh right now simply because we're tearing the body down. And we'll tear the body down for one or two more starts.

"So you kind of tire your arm out, plus you're building up, you're throwing more and more pitches every time out, so you're getting tired, you're getting in shape. To get in shape, you have to do something. You have to stretch yourself until you get comfortable doing that.''

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