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5 homers aside, Konerko needs more time before Opening Day

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GLENDALE, Ariz. - With five home runs already during spring training, Paul Konerko looks ready to go.

At 37, you'd think he's been through enough camps, taken enough swings in his day and picked enough low throws out of the dirt to be ready for Opening Day tomorrow.

"Every year you kind of dislike spring training a little more, but you kind of need it more every year,'' Konerko said. "I've always kind of needed all of spring training. Some guys don't need it all.''

Konerko said he needs to field more ground balls in game situations.

"I can count the grounders I've had on one hand,'' he said.

And he wouldn't mind at all if Alexei Ramirez would make a low throw from shortstop for him to scoop.

"You want a couple of bad throws,'' Konerko said. "You want some things to happen out there. You're at the mercy of the game but yo want more game situations out there.''

Konerko was 10-for-28 (.357) going into the Sox game against the Indians (3:05 CST) on Wednesday. Even so, he's not quite there yet with the end of camp two weeks away.

"Hitting wise I've taken some nice swings,'' he said. "Still giving away some at-bats on my bad ones that I don't like. You're going to make outs, but there are a couple of bad at-bats here and there that get away from you. Also, you might face the starter for two at-bats [right now]. As it gets deeper in spring you might face the starter three at-bats and a big league reliever in the fourth one. That's where you start gauging stuff more.''

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