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Ventura wants extension talks later rather than sooner

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Robin Ventura politely declined an offer from the White Sox to have his contract extended during the offseason, saying he'd rather wait till his three-year deal is over after the 2014 season to think about his future as White Sox manager.

"It was flattering and nice and everything but in talking to [general manager] Rick [Hahn], we have two more years to do this,'' Ventura said. "This is my contract and I was the same way as a player. I'll worry about it at the end of it. In two years, I want them to think I'm the right guy for the job.

''It wasn't anything that was a big deal. I'm not holding out for anything or disappointed or not wanting to stay here. Again, at the end of that is when you talk about it. I'm not worried about trying to extend anything right now. I'm worried more about this team in spring training now than 2015.''

Ventura was given a three-year deal to replace Ozzie Guillen before last season.

"To Robin's credit, he wants to make sure he's the right guy for the job,'' general manager Rick Hahn said.

"It's a testament to how special he is with his approach to this position and the job at hand.''

Hahn said the perception that Ventura took the job on a temporary basis is not accurate.

"If that's the vibe people are taking that's inaccurate. My hope is that Robin is here for a long, long time.''

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