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White Sox lowering ticket, parking prices for 2013

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The White Sox are lowering a number of ticket prices for 2013, and dropping the cost of parking as well.

Corner seats in the lower deck will be available for $20, and upper deck corner seats for $7 for all home games with the exception of Opening Day and the two games against the Cubs in May. A total of 5,000 seats will be available at those prices.

Parking will be lowered to $20, from $25 and $23.

Despite being in first place in the American League Central Division for 117 days in 2012, the Sox drew 1,965,955 fans, the first time since 2004 they finished under 2 million. Attendance has declined for six straight seasons, the first time that's happened since 1965-70.

Toward the end of the season, the Sox commissioned a research project to examine fan sentiments on prices and factors affecting their decisions to attend games. The study was done by by Rich Luker, creator of The ESPN Sports Poll, author of "Simple Community," and the Up Next trend columnist for Sports Business Journal.

As for season tickets, more than 87 percent will stay the same or drop in price, the Sox said. More than 54 percent of the full season tickets are dropping an average of 26 percent. Bleacher and Outfield Reserved sections are dropping 32 and 30 percent for full season packages. Split season tickets for all 27-game plans are decreasing by an average of more than 25%.

A "small number" of fans will see a ticket price increase due to high demand of their current locations, the Sox said. Those season ticket holders are being personally contacted by the White Sox.

The club will announce more details on seven- and 14-game plans during the offseason.

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Long time sox fan from do the sox do anything at all to promote enthusiasm during games. Watching sox games, the mood is funerial on tv. Do they have after game fireworks or concerts?????? There seem to be no enthusiasm at games. Loud organ music, rally horns etc.?????? less than 2 million fans!!!!!!! Perhaps the sox can take pointers from the pirates on public relations!!!!!!!!

In Holland most of sportsclubs have got free parking for their fans!
Unbelievable that you guys have to pay this next to the (high) ticket prices!

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