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Peavy: White Sox would be "dangerous" playoff team

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Jake Peavy doesn't care about the lackluster performance in September. He insists if the White Sox "finds a way to get in" the postseason, they'll be a team others won't want to play.

"Because if we get in, I think we're a dangerous team,'' Peavy said. "I don't think anyone is lining up wanting to play us with the talent we have in this room.''

Asked why the Sox are dangerous, Peavy said "because we can pitch. And our offense has potential to run up some big homers. If we hit some homers with some guys on base, with the pitching staff and the bullpen evolving the way it's evolved, and we have a few starters that can get on a roll ... ''

That's a lot of ifs, but Peavy pointed to the Sox record against the Yankees (5-2) and Rangers (6-3) to support his argument.

"We can play with any team in baseball on any given day,'' he said. "I'd love to have a chance to be in the playoffs."

Peavy starts in the opener of the four-game series against the Rays on Thursday. The Sox are 3-0 against Tampa Bay, a playoff contender.

Peavy said pitching on normal four days rest would not have been a problem but he welcomed five days, even though his ERA is 2.29 in 11 starts on four days and 3.71 in 14 starts on five days. Not after throwing 203 2/3 innings.

"Any time you get an extra day, you feel a little more recovered,'' he said.

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You have to get into the playoffs 1st Jake .

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