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Harrelson again criticizes umpire: no comment from Reinsdorf

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White Sox broadcaster Ken ``Hawk'' Harrelson, who was chided earlier this season for criticizing an umpire on the air, had another episode of unkind words Saturday for umpire Lance Barrett after he ejected catcher A.J. Pierzynski and manager Robin Ventura.
But Harrelson and team chairman Jerry Reinsdorf on Sunday had no comment on the incident.
Reinsdorf and commissioner Bud Selig reprimanded Harrelson after his May 30 tirade against umpire Mark Wegner, who tossed pitcher Jose Quintana after he threw behind Tampa Bay's Ben Zobrist.
Harrelson later apologized to Wegner.
Harrelson declined to talk about the incident on Sunday.
The veteran Sox announcer said Saturday Barrett ``has been absolutely brutal. Brutal. He's terrible. This is one of those games wehre the film is going back to the American League office to show how bad he is.''
Harrelson said Barrett was showing favoritism to Mariners pitcher Blake Beavan, saying Barrett ``had two different strike zones. He's got a two-foot for Beavan and he's got a 10-inch for the White Sox. What does that tell you?
``This might be as bad as a two innings as I've ever seen from a guy behind the he's bad, so he throws out our catcher and our manager because he's brutal.''
Harrelson's earlier tirade against Wegner accused the umpire of ``not knowing anything about baseball'' and also calling the umpire's actions ``brutal.''

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I'm a Cubs fan and I don't think Hawk is very good, frankly. Having said that, let the man have an opinion. He wasn't calling for the ump's head. He should be allowed to speak his mind. If he was MY announcer, I wouldn't want him muzzled.

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