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White Sox' Dunn has bunt in the oven

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DETROIT -- Home-run hitter Adam Dunn showed bunt leading off the ninth against Jose Valverde on Friday with the Sox trailing by two runs.

It was the right place at the right time but it wasn't the right pitch from Valverde, who came in low and inside.

"It's the perfect spot, actually,'' the 6-6 Dunn said. "If the first pitch would have been a strike I would have.''

When the count got to 2-0, Dunn decided to take a pitch hoping to go 3-0.

"Then I got 2-1 and thought if I foul one off I'm 2-2 and that puts that [Valverde] split in play.''

"I told him he was chicken,'' manager Robin Ventura said. "He should try it, at least once. For me, there's nobody over there so he either pushes it foul or gets a hit. Even if he hits a home run it doesn't matter, we still have to get two.''

The shifts played against Dunn leave almost the entire left side undefended. Dunn has had more than a few hits taken away because of it.

"You don't get any hits on the ground no matter how hard you hit it,'' he said. "I don't think anybody really hits the ball on the ground the other way, unless you're weak.''

Dunn said the last time he bunted for a hit was when he was with the Washington Nationals in 2010.

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