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Youkilis and the President

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Kevin Youkilis was amused by the flap that resulted from President and White Sox fan Barack Obama's comment the touched a nerve in Red Sox nation at a fundraiser in Boston on Monday night. As the former popular Red Sox was playing his first game for the White Sox, Obama was booed when he told the crowd: "I want to say thank you for Youkilis."

Although some in the crowd thought they heard more chants of "Youuuk" than boos, Obama was caught a bit off guard.

"I didn't think I was going to get any boos out of here,'' Obama said. "I should not have brought up baseball. I understand. My mistake."

Youkilis said he and his family got a barrage of emails and texts about it Tuesday.

"It was pretty funny just to see that and the family got a good kick out of it,'' Youkilis said. "There are mass emails going around to the family. It's probably a better way to get mentioned by the President than other ways so it's a good thing.''

It was just one more unusual twist in an unusual time for Youkilis, who said he was settling down after a whirlwind 30-hour period which included the trade and his first game as a White Sox.

"Being here and going to the hotel and then coming to the field and having a normal 24 hours, it's a lot easier to concentrate on playing,'' he said. "Kind of trying to each day push it away because this is my new team. I can still keep in contact with those guys and stay friends with them but it's not my team any more. It's definitely a realization and it's good to be in first place rather than at the bottom.''

When the Sox play a four-game series against the Red Sox' arch rivals at Yankee Stadium beginning Thursday, Youkilis can be sure he'll hear more boos than "Youuuks."

"I told everyone I'll take all the yelling at and screaming at for the whole team for four days,'' he said. "They'll probably hound me and get on me pretty good. But I know definitely one thing: they don't hate me as much as they used to. Once I changed teams. It will be fun.''

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