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White Sox 2012 draft picks, scouting director's comments

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The Sox selected 29 college, 12 high school players. Nineteen pitchers, including four lefties; four outfielders, 14 infielders and four catchers. Below the list are comments from White Sox scouting director Doug Laumann.

Round Name Pos. Age Ht. Wt. School (Hometown)

1 Courtney Hawkins OF 18 6-3 220 Mary Carroll High School (Corpus Christi, Texas)

1A Keon Barnum 1B 19 6-4 230 King High School (Temple Terrace, Fla.)

2 Chris Beck RHP 21 6-3 225 Georgia Southern University (Jefferson, Ga.)

3 Joey DeMichele 2B 21 5-11 190 Arizona State University (Phoenix, Ariz.)

4 Brandon Brennan RHP 20 6-4 220 Orange Coast College (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.)

5 Nick Basto SS 18 6-2 200 Archbishop McCarthy High School (Davie, Fla.)

6 Kyle Hansen RHP 21 6-8 210 St. John's University (Glen Cove, N.Y.)

7 Jose Barraza C 17 6-2 210 Sunnyside High School (Fresno, Calif.)

8 Zach Isler RHP 21 6-5 235 University of Cincinnati (Union, Ky.)

9 Micah Johnson 2B 21 6-0 200 Indiana University (Indianapolis, Ind.)

10 Brandon Hardin RHP 22 6-1 200 Delta State University (Pinckneyville, Ill.)

11 Eric Jaffe RHP 20 6-4 240 UCLA (Oakland, Calif.)

12 Zach Stoner C/1B 18 6-3 200 Boylan Catholic High School (Rockford, Ill.)

13 Derek Thompson LHP 19 6-4 185 John A. Logan College (Teutopolis, Ill.)

14 Anthony Bucciferro RHP 22 6-3 200 Michigan State University (Joliet, Ill.)

15 Jordan Guerrero LHP 18 6-3 165 Moorpark High School (Moorpark, Calif.)

16 Abe Ruiz 1B 22 6-3 225 Arizona State University (Pacific Grove, Calif.)

17 Sammy Ayala C 17 6-3 200 La Jolla Country Day High School (San Diego, Calif.)

18 Thomas McCarthy 3B 21 6-3 205 University of Kentucky (Corvallis, Ore.)

19 Alex Williams 1B 22 6-6 255 Louisiana Tech University (Effie, La.)

20 Zachary Voight SS 21 6-0 190 New Mexico State University (Denton, Texas)

21 Adam Lopez RHP 22 6-5 220 Virginia Military Institute (Fredericksburg Va.)

22 Cory McGinnis RHP 22 6-1 195 Auburn University at Montgomery (Allison Park, Pa.)

23 Kale Kiser OF 22 5-10 185 University of Nebraska (Plano, Texas)

24 Eric Grabe 2B 22 5-11 195 University of Tampa (Ocala, Fla.)

25 Storm Throne RHP 21 6-7 230 Morningside College (Sergeant Bluff, Iowa)

26 Zachary Toney LHP 23 6-3 230 Austin Peay State University (Biloxi, Miss.)

27 Zachary Fisher C 20 6-2 195 New Mexico State University (Fontana, Calif.)

28 James Hudelson RHP 22 6-4 200 Delta State University (Columbia, Mo.)

29 Jason Coats OF 22 6-2 200 Texas Christian University (Plano, Texas)

30 Jake Brown SS 22 5-11 185 Kansas State University (Russell, Kan.)

31 William Thompson 3B 22 6-3 210 East Carolina University (Apex, N.C.)

32 Steve Nikorak 3B 22 6-2 215 Temple University (Lakewood, N.J.)

33 Jon Savarise LHP 18 6-1 205 Adlai Stevenson High School (Lincolnshire, Ill.)

34 Ryan Castellanos RHP 18 6-3 185 Archbishop McCarthy High School (Davie, Fla.)

35 Kyle Martin RHP 21 6-7 220 Texas A&M (Austin, Texas)

36 Mitch Patishall RHP 18 6-1 185 Pendleton Heights High School (Pendleton, Ind.)

37 Thurman Hall III OF 19 6-0 160 Western Texas College (Southfield, Mich.)

38 DeJohn Suber SS 18 6-0 175 Morgan Park High School (Chicago, Ill.)

39 Mitch Glasser 2B 22 5-10 180 Macalester College (Chicago, Ill.)

40 Sam Mason RHP 18 6-0 175 Beverly Hills High School (Beverly Hills, Calif.)

"Today, we got to a point where we started to address needs in the Minor Leagues. Typically at the end of the draft you can find certain positions, there's always a lot of pitchers, there's certainly outfielders you can find, but some of the skill positions, middle of the infield, catchers, are hard to address after the draft is over."

Surprised with any picks?

"Until I see what certain people sign for, it's really hard for me to comment on. If somebody went somewhere in the first round and they signed for what the entire budget was of what the slot called for, then that tells me one thing, whereas if I find out that perhaps they signed for 20 or 30 or 40 percent less than that, then I know somebody was trying to make a deal and move the dollars somewhere else."
"It's hard to know whether was somebody was taken higher than they should have been until we see where the money's spent."

Accomplish what you wanted?

"You almost have to wait and see how it starts to go. We certainly wanted to address getting a little bit younger. Some of our past drafts, we've taken some older guys to supplement some of the things we have going on at the big league level. We've had some success doing that. We've got some guys obviously now in the big leagues that are contributing to our team to be where they are now. But at the same time it might have came at the expense of sacrificing some guys at the lower level, and we wanted to address that this year. I think it's pretty obvious with our first two picks especially and four or five of our first six or seven picks being pretty young guys. I think we accomplished that."

On choosing players from same team:

"There's never any intent. I remember last year some people had said to me I was really west coast heavy. Quite honestly, I don't think bout anything like that as the draft's going on, whether or not where kids are from, a certain part of the country, certain schools or anything of that nature. You just line up the guys and take the best guys available. I'm sure yesterday's draft was very, very balanced. Until everything's over with, you just sit back and you look back and you analyze it and maybe you see a trend or something you might have done, but I don't think there's any intent going into it to do something like that."

College seniors:

"At a year like this where we knew going in we thought the college ranks were a little thing. Once you get to the 25th, 30, 35th round, you're not going to be able to be expected to go get a high school kid or even like a college junior that's got some leverage and the ability to go to college and get better. The type of money we pay these guys in the lower rounds, you almost have to stick with the college seniors. We took a couple guys that we thought were legitimate prospect types of players. Sometimes some of those college seniors, not only do they fill a role for you at the Minor League level, but sometimes they play themselves into big league players."

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