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Once swelling goes down, White Sox' Konerko good to go

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Paul Konerko's left eye feels fine, it just doesn't look very good.

Because of the swelling around the eye after being hit by a pitch in Friday's 3-2 White Sox win at Wrigley Field, Konerko will be out for at least one more game.

"It's just a matter of getting the swelling down,'' Konerko said before the Sox played the Cubs on Saturday night. "There's no damage, no fractures, no problems with vision, other than just kind of seeing the swelling when I look out. So as soon as we get that out of the way, I'll be good to go.''

"As soon as he can see he can play,'' manager Robin Ventura said. [Trainer] Herm [Schneider] is working on it, I don't know how long that lasts. Miracle by tomorrow he'd be able to play, probably not till Tuesday.''

The Sox close out their three-game series against the Cubs Sunday, have an off day Monday and open a three-game series at home Tuesday against the Twins.

"He seems fine,'' Ventura said. "He would want to play if he could see. He's doing fine.''

Konerko said he is fortunate that the injury wasn't worse. He was hit with a pitch from Cubs right-hander Jeff Samardjiza.

"Yeah, anytime you get hit up high, everything happens kind of fast and it kind of blew up kind of quick,'' Konerko said. "So when I was looking out, within 5-10 seconds my vision was obstructed by the swelling. But when it first happens like that you're thinking something is wrong with your actual vision, which is a different story. So luckily it wasn't that. It's just a nice black eye.''

Konerko said he hadn't heard from the Cubs pitcher who said he wasn't trying to pitch high and in to Konerko, who had homered off Samardzija in the first inning.

"I have not talked to him,'' Konerko said. "I thought it looked like a cutter or a slider from the front end. I think he said it was a splitter, someone said it was a splitter, so it obviously didn't come out right, of the hand. The velocity I think shows that as well.

"I think with the sequence of pitches I had seen up until that point, I figured it was going to be what he was going to throw. So when it came out of the hand, I was staying in there kind of holding my ground because I figured it was going to be one of those two pitches anyways, and that's what it looked like out of the hand. And then instead of going either straight down or down and away from me, it just kind of stayed high and unraveled kind of into me. It just chased me up and in.''

Konerko knew his vision problem was related only to the swelling, which came as a relief.

"As soon as I knew that was the case, it really wasn't even that painful,'' Konerko said. "You just know you can't see clearly out of it. It's more frustrating in that sense because at that point everything else feels great.''

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They should have drilled Samardzija in the ribs

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