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White Sox GM Williams on Gregg Williams, bounty program

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The White Sox released a statement from general manager Ken Williams regarding his son, Kyle, and the NFL bounty program:

"As you have seen, Kyle Williams is a man's man and has shown himself more than capable of answering on his own behalf. He has definite feelings on the subject but has chosen to remain committed to providing all his answers to any questions on the field next season. Knowing this young man's intestinal fortitude, I doubt anyone will get him to waver from his position.

To answer the questions directed specifically to me, as a father first and foremost, I am glad to report Kyle's concussion tests have been extremely positive and we are grateful he is ready and anxious to get back to competition. Personally, suspension or not, it's probably best I'm never in a room with Gregg Williams and wonder if such an order crosses the line of the aggressive, competitive spirit we all know and love about the sport; and leans closer to a criminal act and therefore a litigious matter.

Putting aside my fatherly feelings and putting on my sports executive hat, I have tremendous respect and admiration for the league in general, the 49ers organization and Trent Balke and Jim Harbough in particular. I have no doubt they are monitoring the situation very closely and will take the appropriate action should they deem it necessary in this matter.

As a result of this and the fact that the singular focus for every member of the White Sox organization is on a distraction-free championship season, I won't be speaking publicly on the subject any further."

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In my opinion Gregg Williams,Sean Payton should be fired from they're positions.To do something so heinous has no place in our league any longer with 350lb lineman running sub 5 sec.40's,Thats already Quite a collision...clean.But to pay your defense to purposely try for an injury!No class or respect for our game.I could 'nt believe it.When they do coach again and they scrimmage another team they should get a good a$# hit from a linebacker.I would so love to see that...

NFL Bounty is another word for Criminal Intent, not Defensive Violent Football! (Excuse but this topic requires an thoughtful response)
Based upon the newly exposed tapes of the Saints pre-game before the 49er play-off game, things are really more sinister! Bill Plaschke from L.A. Times could not have labeled it more on target! “Sanctioned Evil” by these paid goon squads of the NFL’s Fearless Cowards that coach or play defense! Let’s be clear, this is no longer about competition on the football field, it is about using targeted criminal violence to cause physical injury to disable another player from continuing to play! This scandal of CRIMINAL behavior has uncovered and brought to light the direct causes of why Careers of too many good men and the Good Name of the game has been figuratively and literally been damaged! The existence of a culture for a criminal element (goon squads) whose intent is to carry out criminally directed executions under the radar to selectively injury its targets (a player(s) and their previously incurred injury on game day is unacceptable! Career Life ban is now needed to remove these criminals from the game and to send the strongest message that his type of criminal behavior is no longer part of football in NFL or anywhere! What I find equally troublesome is that even though it has been documented that a high number of retired Vets have experienced concussions and debilitating permanent injuries, how some current NFL Players go on ESPN and NFL News to express comments that are either just dumb or misinformed that only serve as a conduits to try to rationalize or excuse away the existence of this criminal conduct as acceptable “violence is part of the game!” What despicable moron would think that is acceptable behavior anywhere? Absolutely, positively unbelievable! As a lifelong fan and professional educator, I confess that I have been naive and shocked about these developments!
Well, Mr. Commissioner Goodell, it is time to drop the sledgehammer “Big” Time on any and all teams! Now your reputation and demise of the game is stake! There can be NO mere warning or hand slaps penalties here! This conduct is abhorrent and inexcusable as well as makes me so angry and disgusted!
Let's be clear that these criminals like Payton, Loomis, Williams and Vitt and any players are only "sorry" because they got caught! Start with severe long non-paid Suspensions from the game (eight games minimums) with additional "significant "fines so it hurts their pocket book, Teams with loss of drafts choices as well as a Final warning that any repeat incident will be permanent life bans from the NFL as well as a filing for criminal prosecution! As a long time Fan, this conduct is abhorrent and inexcusable as well as makes me so angry and disgusted! Any (Owners, GMs. Coaches, Players) criminals have no place in the professional sports! Thank you for the transparent NFL report that now requires intrusive action to address this critical need to clean-up the criminal mess put in place prevention policy to protect our player's well-being as well as to maintain the integrity and sportsmanship to the NFL game! What are we becoming and teaching our youth on Sundays? Sports suppose to build character?? Hum..

Mr. Williams I can understand how you must feel because of your son being designated as a problem for a defense. But not a single illegal hit was called by the refs. Your son should have not been playing if he was cleared by the doctors. A question, do you think the manager of a baseball team be suspended without pay if one of his pitchers delivers up a beam ball on a hitter? Is the pitcher the only one responsible or the manager who also called the play? Maybe someones Dad may feel he shouldn't be in the same room with the manager of a baseball team whose son was intentionally hit with a throw missle as directed by the team manager.

A classy response to a filthy bunch of business. If that were my son I don't know that I could have controlled myself long enough to give a coherent response. Greg Williams should NEVER coach again. I still though don't believe that you hold everyone else as responsible as the NFL has. Sean Payton may or may not have known the extent of this gutless coach's ramblings. I doubt he spent much time in defense team meetings. I have to believe if he heard that speech he would be just as sick as we are now. Especially given his own experience with a knee injury last season. They should have suspended him for half the season and taken half his salary and put it into a fund for retired players who need assistance after they have given their health to this sport and to a$%%ole coaches like Greg Williams.

Mr Williams,
The Giants targeted your son the same way and said so. You saying your son is a man's man does not make it so. The Saints did not hurt your baby boy. You threatening legal action is only going to make your son look more like he can't handle things himself. Stay out of it & stop trying to make this about you. FYI, I wrote to your son encouraging him after the Giants loss when his own fans were telling him to jump off the GG Bridge and other real gems. Let this play out. People will be punished. No one got hurt. The Saints still have a team like it or not. All the best to your son.

worry about baseball and tell ur son to get sum stickum

blah, blah, blah... what a toughy you are. And looking to litigate? Be quiet and go manage your team to their middle of the pack finish. What a joke.

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