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Ventura says Dunn will play more in field in 2012

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DALLAS -- There is no doubt Adam Dunn is something of a defensive liability at first base or in the outfield. But drastic times call for drastic measures, so manager Robin Ventura will consider playing Dunn in the field more than he did last season.

"He'll probably get out in the field, I see that," Ventura said at his news conference with national media on Tuesday at baseball's Winter Meetings.

"I think there's some guys that play better by being on the field and get a better feel of the game and maybe [better] at-bats by just being on the field," Ventura said. "If that's something that he would want to do I would entertain that."

Dunn admitted that adjusting to the DH role after spending all of his career in the National League before coming to the White Sox last season. The transition he made to not playing in the field was one of several reasons speculated for his poor season. First baseman Paul Konerko, who is a much better fielder than Dunn, is 37 and might be at the point in his career where more off days in the field would be welcome.

"I've seen it with Jason Giambi in New York, that he'd like to be on the field and part of the action, and I get it," Ventura said. "And times in the past I've DHed I didn't really like it, because you just it's just a different position. And I get it. So if he's wanting to do that I can entertain that."

Dunn played 35 games at first last season and two in right field. He's probably best suited for left.

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