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Criticism of Mets manager, elimination light Guillen's fire

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An explanation of his latest Twitter adventure got White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen expanding on a 24-minute pregrame talk with reporters on Friday night.

Guillen came to the defense of Mets manager Terry Collins, who, like Guillen a few days earlier, had questioned his players' effort. What set Guillen off was MLB network analyst Harold Reynolds' criticism of Collins.

"Thas all job is easy to judge manager from the studio," Guillen tweeted Thursday night. And, "U don't know what happen" and "I know I play the game."

"I don't tweet because of me. I think it was pretty tough because one guy getting hammered because he make a comment.'' Guillen said.

"I know people getting paid to criticize people but when you call for somebody's head, that's a different thing.''
Guillen went on with a rambling talk about criticism of managers that sprayed to all fields, including his objection to his own team playing music after a loss to the Tigers this seek. Here's an example:

"Just say the players don't play good. They got swept. They left so many people on base. What does the manager have to say? And I keep saying that. Why we can't get mad? Why we can't say what's on our minds? Why people say, 'well, the players aren't going to play hard for him. They're going to hate him.' Well, at the end of the day, if the players don't play hard for you, you're going to get fired. When I made the comment, I wasn't pointing at people, I wasn't telling you guys, 'this guy, that guy.' But you look at our game, when we're done with the game, I don't say they quit. Well, I don't know what was on their mind. I didn't say quit. But after the game, I walk around and it's like 'well, let's go to Kansas City.' Then I walk to talk to you guys, and they had the music playing and having fun and we don't. That hurt. You have a little, little bit of common sense and what we say, don't just say the first thing you hear or why.''

After the Sox' loss to the Royals on Thursday, which mathematically eliminated them from the AL Central race, Guillen appeared to be more shaken by the loss than usual.

"It should hit everyone,'' he said when asked about it on Friday. "I'm done. It's over with. How do you prepare yourself for the next day? Do you want to come back to the ballpark tomorrow? We play for pride, to win, finish off strong, but when it's over, it's over. When referee counts 10, you can't get up anymore, it's done. Throw in the towel, take a shower, and go home. It's not a fight, this is baseball, unfortunately we have to play another 10-12 days. I'm the loser. I wish I could keep my quotes, how excited I was in spring training. Look at this ballclub, wow. Look at me now, what am I saying? Second place, third place, wow.

"If I don't have the passion and love for this organization, for baseball, bro I'd pick up my stuff and go. What else don't I have in baseball? Silver slugger? Everything else I have. Playoff experience, coach experience, manager experience, Gold Glove, Rookie of the Year, a lot of stuff. Championships, everything. There's nothing better than winning. I don't care what people say. Winning is the best thing. The accomplishment of what you went through, you don't care if the owner was mad at you in April, you don't care if you had a confrontation with a player, people don't care what I say in the paper, it's all beautiful. When you lose, all the stuff comes out, boom boom. This guy's fault, that guy's fault. Blame this guy and that guy. At the end of the day we're all here together, we're all pulling on the same rope.''

"Don't blame [chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] or [general manager] Kenny [Williams] or anybody else. I think they did a good job putting this team together. But whoever was wearing this uniform failed.''

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