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Six-man rotation could last: Guillen

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OAKLAND, Calif. - Ozzie Guillen said he sees no reason not to stay with a six-man roation if it works past the 20-day experimentation period that began with Phil Humber starting against the A's on Friday night.

"If we like what we see, of course we'll keep it at six,'' Guillen said when asked if he can envision it in place deep into the summer. "Yes. Because I don't see no reason to change it.''

Humber's strong start to the season and Peavy's return from the disabled list forced the Sox into the six-man-plan, which hasn't been used before.

"I hope all those guys throw the ball good so we keep it there,'' Guillen said. "The only reason we change it is if somebody struggle or we need more help in bullpen or that thing don't work. But we have a pretty tough stretch of 20 days. The way the starters throw right now, it's a perfect time to do it. We'll see after that how that works. We have a plan A and plan B if everything don't work we'll figure out what to do.''

Peavy came out of his start Wednesday in Anaheim feeling fine. He said there's no doubt he could pitch in a five-man rotation. He was not satisfied throwing only 87 pitches, but Guillen played it safe and pulled him because it was his first start.

"Hopefully when we go to a six-man staff, they'll stretch us out a little longer, let us go 115-120 Peavy said Friday.

"With those extra days, that shouldn't be a problem to do and come back if you got that extra day of rest."

Humber had allowed three hits or less while throwing seven innings or more in three straight starts. The only Sox pitcher to do that was Billy Pierce in 1957.

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