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Guillen calms down after firing on media

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BOSTON -- Upset the night before with how his comments were portrayed in the media, a calm and collected Ozzie Guillen explained what set him off: The reports of his 17-minute talk with reporters, he said, portrayed him as "stupid" and "ignorant.''

Most of the reports and headlines also played up his comment about how baseball heroes are long forgotten when they're gone. During a long monologue Sunday about his passion for the Sox and his job, Guillen's reference to baseball-hero statues outside ballparks that get urinated on was taken by some as an insult of Sox fans.

"It upset me because most of my quotes ... they only pick one stuff here, one stuff there and boom,'' Guillen said before the Sox played the Red Sox at Fenway Park on Monday night.

"I talk about Mike Scoscia, about [the Angels manager's] 1,000 wins and they pick two things I say when I talk about Mike for two hours. A little thing here and there. Well, they made me feel like I'm a crazy person. I'm not a crazy person, I'm an outspoken person. I'm not crazy. I know what I say, I know what I do.''

Guillen is arguably the most entertaining manager or coach in sports because he openly shares his opinions freely. In a humorous vein, his words can be misconstrued in print when his body language and tone are not conveyed. He was not misquoted Sunday but he felt like his words were taken out of context.

After firing off numerous tweets on Sunday night that accused media of piecing together his words in a misleading way, Guillen was calm and collected Monday and on good terms with the media who regularly cover the Sox.

"Everything is clear,'' Guillen said. "The only thing is when I read that and sleep well and don't care about it that's all I care. People out there, they don't know who I am, they don't know what I do.

"It upset me? Yes because it put me in the spotlight, talk about White Sox fans. The last thing I talk about when the team not playing good is the fans.That's not a good combination. But I was upset because I feel like I'm [portrayed as] stupid or crazy or ignorant. But it's over with, a new day, I sleep well.''

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