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Vick's fan club not for Buehrle

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Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle's biting comments about Eagles quarterback Michael Vick have caused something of a stir.

As Vick was leading Philadelphia into the playoffs after serving prison time for running a dogfighting operation, Buehrle, a devoted dog lover, found himself hoping the Pro Bowl QB would get slammed to the turf whenever he watched the Eagles play.
"He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game and I know it's bad to say, but there were times where [my wife and I] hope he gets hurt,'' Buehrle told Scott Merkin of
"Everything you've done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys."
Buehrle and wife Jamie own three dogs of their own. In December, they paid a $3,000 vet bill for a pooch that was found wandering in the St. Louis area with an arrow sticking from her abdomen.
Vick served 18 months after pleading guilty for doing something Buehrle and animal lovers everywhere can't get their heads around.
"Even if you are not a dog lover, how can you sit there and make two dogs fight and one is going to die?" Buehrle said. "How could you do that if you are somewhat sane?"
The story, which was based on Buehrle's animal rights work, ran Wednesday. Sometime after it was posted, Buehrle's comments were edited out. A note was added: "This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs."

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Buehrle slipped. He indulged in an ugly thought for a moment. No big deal. Vick, on the other hand, gambled on the torturing and killing of animals for years. Vick considered electrocuting dogs to death with his own hands entertaining! Vick shouldn't even be playing football. Though I don't wish harm on Vick, Buehrle's outrage is understandable. In any event, the NFL has certainly made plenty of money off of Vick's fabricated "redemption" narrative. After all, the almighty dollar is all the NFL cares about.

No mention of the fact that Beuhrle is an avid hunter?

Vick should be hurt, hurt real bad. And, no, I don't care for the Eagles anymore...
they should never win a single game with Vick as quarterback.

Vick is a disgrace .... and he is only "sorry", cause he got caught.

Hunting is not cruelty. He's using a bow and arrow, subjecting the animal to what it would expect in the wild (i.e a deer hunted with a bow is probably comparable to being slashed and bitten by a bear.)

He's not torturing animals by hunting. Period. Don't try to hijack this.

I don't like Buehrle, I'm a CUBS fan. What Vick did was WRONG, no doubt. Fortunately, we live a country with laws, you break the law, you pay the penalty, and you're done. So this continued hate for Vick makes me sick. No one is perfect, everyone has made a mistake, so mistakes cost more than others. Leave the man alone, he's truly sorry for what he's done. If the major pet organzations (PETA) can come out and forgive Vick, if the judge, who clearly let it be known that he would never forgive Vick has had a clear change of heart, and now speaks highly of Vick, then Buehrle and the rest of you haters need to get over it. Get a hobby!

Mark Buehrle, you make me more of a fan every day. Well done.

Vick has paid a tremendous price for his crimes. He lost his good name, 2 years of his life and Tens of Millions of dollars in salary and endorsements. ..... It is still hard to believe that a man who made such idiotic and cruel choices in life would be trusted to lead an NFL offense which requires good judgement as a key to success. But Vick did get an opportunity, and he made the most of it and he deserves credit for pulling himself off the ground and re-dedicating himself to rise to the top of his profession. ..... That said, I don`t see anything wrong with dog lovers like Buehrle hoping that Vick gets clobbered with great regularity. His statement may have been politically incorrect but it was quite understandable. I respect Vick`s right to make a living but i don`t have to wish him well while he does it.

Hunting is legal, you idiot. Dog fighting is not. You need a license to hunt and are only allowed to kill so many deer or whatever you are hunting. Also, the only reason hunting season is opened is for population control. Last I checked, hunters aren't walking through the forest and making two animals fight to near death and then if they aren't satisfied, electrocuting the animals or picking them up and slamming them to the concrete to kill them That's the stupidest comparison I have heard regarding this story and you should think next time before you post something like that. Also, I do not like Vick one bit, but he paid his dues in prison. Do I think he is a changed guy? Nope, but that isn't for me to decide. I will forever think he is an absolute scumbag and I'm with Buehrle, I hoped all year he would get hurt and I was glad when he did.

Oh yeah I am sure that PETA forgave him after Vick wrote a nice big check to them. Also, I am with whoever said he is only sorry because he got caught. Darn right that's why he is sorry. Do you think for one minute that he wouldn't still be running dog fights had he not gotten caught? Of course he would be. Yeah we have laws, he paid his dues, but to sit and say that it's done and over is nuts. Nobody is gonna forget what he did. I am glad they got bounced from the playoffs because all of the Vick "Redemption" storylines were making me sick. Congrats Vick, you got caught being a dirtbag and went to "prison." Some minimum security prison at that. Should have sent him to Atlanta's equivalent to Cook County prison.

He's still a human and paid for it. How could you put an animal before a human?

I am a Boston Fan who is now a fan of Mark, good for him for saying what many people are feeling. Vick deserves what his dogs got.

Mark needs to get a grip and a life. We are only talking about DOGS!!!!! Mike Vick did not invent the sport. For all the years dog fighting has been in existence, it got very little attention until Mike Vick's involvement.

Responsible hunting is humane. The legal culling of animals is healthy for survival. Many, especially deer, do not have the natural predators they once had. Deer will reproduce to the point of mass starvation if they are not thinned out.

Dog fighting, or any animal, is inhumane and borders on torture. What Vick did above and beyond is inexcusable.

Nothing wrong with legally hunting. He's not killing dogs.

Check out this blog post about Michael Vick. He's despicable.

Let's not forget all the other people that also got caught during the Vick - dog fight era on camera showing their faces and the punishment they received wasn't quite nowhere near what Michael Vick got. They got simple fine no jail term , is this a black white issue? ( you tell me ) . As for Mark never wish bad on another person because it will come back on you. I see some people forgive & forget but not him , I wish Vick would've been a baseball player, mark would be traded , Loyal Cubs Fan. Good luck next season , hope mark does well ,let's see you rebound from a bad season

18 months in a Federal penitentiary is not hard time, but a cake walk. I was in Stateville, not that's hard time! It can change your life around as it did mine. I am not sure if it did the same for Vick or not. One thing for sure, if he did not play football, getting a 2nd chance is extremely hard and is part of the reason 60% to 70% are repeat offenders. Buerhle wishing harm on him is not surprising. I think we all have wished harm on someone at some point in our lives.

Vick is a horrible human being, but admitted to what he did and paid the price for it~yet another super bowl quarterback is twice accused of rape, one in which he paid off, and yet no one seems to mind that.

Mark can say, or wish injury, on whoever he pleases.

I, for one, wish injury on rednecks who dye their hair like teenagers and shoot defenseless animals in the guise of sport.

I guess blowing the brains out of a Deer, then "gutting him as his insides fall to the ground is "plausible".

Maybe if the Deer barked or took a dump on the carpet, Buerhle would "Spare" him?

At least with a Bear, the Deer knows when the attack is coming.
The Bear isn't hiding up in the trees, or covered in Deer urine to attract the Deer.

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