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Dunn embraces pressure

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Adjusting to being a designated hitter is Adam Dunn's biggest concern.

The White Sox' $56 million free-agent slugger took his first swings on Saturday since the 2010 season ended, then talked about his new role upon coming to the American League.
"Yeah, I have no idea,'' Dunn said when asked about the adjustment. "That is going to be my biggest challenge during the spring, to find out how I will keep myself warm not being on the field. It's definitely going to be an adjustment. I will talk to people who've done it...we will figure it out. Put a bike in the dugout or something.''
Sox manager Ozzie Guillen repeated what he said last month, that he plans to give Dunn some games at first base to rest Paul Konerko. But "he's not going to play in the outfield,'' Guillen said.
Dunn will earn his money with his bat. The big contract and everything that comes along with that present no worries.
Bring on the pressure, Dunn said.
"I don't avoid it. I embrace it,'' he said. "I have extreme high expectations for myself. If people don't have high expectations for me, I'm not doing something right. I embrace the pressure, I embrace the role. I definitely am going to put a lot of pressure on myself.''

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I look for a below average year from Dunn despite the benefit of US Cellular stadium.
Getting use to the DH and sitting on the bench while trying to perform against a tougher league of pitchers that he hasn't seen before will be tougher to overcome than the high expectations of a huge contract.

This clown told everyone he wouldn't sign just to DH. He had to play the field too. Just another greedy phony! I hope he hits .212 and pulls a hammy. WS suck.

Not a chance. Dunn is a professional. He gets paid to be ready to hit. He's just now coming into his prime at age 30 and he's already had insane seasons. I predict .262/ 48/ 113.

.250 40 105

dunn is a beast. he is a nice addiction to the lineup. he,s going make life better for the hitters around him

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