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Teahen out at third for now - call it a confidence check

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52592788.jpgDETROIT - Mark Teahen will get another look at third base. Just not on Thursday, and definitely not with his confidence currently shaken.
After committing two throwing errors in Wednesday's loss to Detroit, Teahen was not only out of the starting third base job in the series finale, but out of the starting lineup all together.
That meant rookie Brent Morel was given the starting nod.
So what next with Teahen, who was acquired from Kansas City in the winter and then immediately given a three-year, $14-million deal before stepping one cleat on the field?
"We'll move him around,'' White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said. "I'm not saying I'm going to take him out of third base because you may see him back at third base again. I'm not going to try and take the confidence away from the kid. My worry is how confident you are when they hit the ball to you. I still have confidence in him. He will be back at third base, he will be.
"I played the game and I know when you don't have confidence. The worst thing you can think is, 'Please don't hit the ball to me.' I'm not going to punish a guy or make the point of, 'Oh you don't play good defense then you don't play for us,' no. In the meanwhile, I will think about how much do you want the ball hit to you? That's the worst thing that can happen. It happened to me at the end of my career - 'Please don't hit it here, fly ball, don't hit it here.' I know mentally if you hit a fly ball I was going to miss it. That happened to me in the World Series with Atlanta and New York. I was the best shortstop catching fly balls and all of a sudden I couldn't catch a fly ball. I know that can happen. I hope that doesn't happen to him.''
Wednesday's defensive lapses for Teahen weren't isolated. They've actually been a trend this season. Teahen had started 49 games at third and has 10 errors. Only Alexei Ramirez (17) and Gordon Beckham (12) had more, and both have played at least 122 games this season.
Guillen's advice to Teahen is simple.
"Go play, go play,'' Guillen said. "Want the ball, want the ball hit to you and just go get it. That's all you can do. I'm telling you, when you don't want to go to the plate, you always come up when it's a big at-bat. When you don't catch the ball, that ball will find you someway, somehow. Am I worried about it, yes, I am worried about it that it doesn't get in his mind. I'm worried that it will get in his mind like, 'Please don't hit it to me,' because the baseball Gods will find you.''
As far as Morel, his approach was not to over-think his first major-league start, and the fact that it was coming in a pennant race.
"I know what I did to get up here and what I can do to help the team win,'' Morel said.

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What truly amazes me is that Royals were playing this guy at second base...I mean, my God..

well i think he blew it and the sox they were up like ten games and now there down 4 what is that all about?

Signing this guy was a HUGE mistake by KW! Omar can play third better with one hand tied behind his back! Nothing short of a sweep of KC and a sweep of The Twinkies will give us a fighting chance for the division. Wild card is out of the question. Otherwise, wait til next year. Go Sox!

The Sox took off when Teahen went down with an injury and Omar steadied the infield.

This guy has been brutal in the field all year and hasn't done much at the plate either. It's aggravating when you send Viciedo down...when he was hitting everything in sight hard, and bring back Teahen.

Kenny has made more good moves than bad, but this isn't one of them. Time to eat this contract and move on.

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