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Peavy facing some uncertainty for the start of 2011

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54794805.jpgBOSTON - Jake Peavy would like to tell his front office, his teammates and all of White Sox Nation that he will be fine come spring training, that go ahead an pencil him into that Opening Day starting rotation for 2011.
But in the straight-shooting world of Peavy, that's not something he can do with 100 percent confidence.
He likes the results of the surgery he underwent to repair the detached lat in his right shoulder. He is confident in the rehab schedule that lies in front of him the next five months. He even likes the pit bull mentality he is taking into that rehab.
The reality, however, is there is still a lot of uncertainty that comes from this injury. Considering the Sox owe Peavy $16 million in 2011 and then $17 million for 2012, there's also a lot of nail-biting.
"I don't really know and I don't think the doctors really know,'' Peavy said of his return to the mound. "They expect me to make a full recovery but said a lot of this is uncharted territory. They think it will be the case, and we hope that will be the case, but at the end of the day nobody can say, 'At this point and time, you're going to feel this way.' ''
Peavy was actually discussing his prognosis with former Braves great John Smoltz before Sunday's game with the Red Sox, with Smoltz now a broadcaster for TBS. One of the main topics was where Peavy would be for the start of 2011.
"Smoltzie and I were just talking in here, and Smoltzie had Tommy John, so he said, 'It must be hard because with Tommy John you know on Day 48 you need to be making this many tosses from 40 feet,' '' Peavy explained. "That uncertainty that I have is the kicker here that we just don't know.
"I feel very confident that I will start my throwing program at the beginning of the year. I mean I don't want to miss anymore time than I have to, but at the same time we got to make sure we take things the right way.''
Sox general manager Ken Williams has been very optimistic that Peavy will be up and running in 2011, and up and running for the start of the season. At the same time, he also said that the team's hope was to be able to re-sign free agent-to-be Freddy Garcia in the offseason, and actually take six starting pitchers into camp with Peavy, Edwin Jackson, Mark Buehrle, Gavin Floyd, John Danks and Garcia all in the mix.
Add to the fact that rookie Chris Sale will likely begin the season in the minor leagues, converted back to the starting pitcher he was in college, there will be some flexibility.
Peavy didn't fault his GM for making sure the rotation was insulated.
"I did have major surgery and we have to make sure that I didn't take any steps back,'' Peavy said. "We have to be cautious and if that means take a couple extra weeks in spring training to get going ... I certainly don't want that to happen, and the plan is to do everything I can to be ready for the start of the season.''
As far as what today holds for Peavy, well, he's basically just a highly-paid cheerleader now. He's on the current road trip with the Sox, getting the beginning stages of his rehab in, but also sitting back and wondering what if.
Former slugger Frank Thomas had to deal with something very similar back in 2005, as foot problems forced him to the sideline after a solid first half showing, leaving him to watch the team go on to winning a World Series.
It was Peavy who said way back in January that he wanted "what the boys did in 2005. I want that dog pile, that memory, that ring. If you're not dreaming of that same thing, I question where you are as an athlete.''
That hasn't changed.
"I still want that more than anything, and I want this group of guys, my buddies that I have shared some playing time with, to do that - albeit I don't know if I need to be in that dog pile but I'll certainly be on the outskirts of it and so happy for my teammates,'' Peavy said. "I mean you want to be a contributing factor for a team that gets to the World Series and to play in that is anyone's dream. That's the tough part about this, but I pushed as hard as I can, we pushed through some injuries to try and be out there for the boys, and if anything I did end on a good note.''

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