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'Hair-gate' continues - Day 5

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55899334.jpgBOSTON - There is one head of hair that Ozzie Guillen has taken notice of the last week.
It isn't Manny Ramirez's.
"I look at Ibis' hair, my wife,'' the White Sox manager said on Saturday. "Not someone else's.''
Asked how his wife's hair is working out for him lately?
"Pretty good,'' Guillen replied. "Right now it's starting to bother me because I see that hair every day now. She knows. Her hair don't look as good as it did two weeks ago.''
So "Hair-gate'' continues, especially with the report that Ramirez had his long dreadlocks trimmed by his personal barber, Angel Pena, who was flown into Boston. Supposedly Pena took about four inches off, but it was hardly noticeable, with the dreads still covering up a good part of the name on the back of Ramirez's No. 99 jersey.
Sox board chairman Jerry Reinsdorf has maintained a strict appearance policy from his players, and one that was challenged in the past when both Joe Crede and A.J. Pierzynski came into spring camp 2006 looking like Nirvana band members. They were "asked'' to clean it up by the start of the regular season and did.
Guillen did admit to talking to Ramirez about it in Cleveland and passing the message on, but as far as if the latest trim to Ramirez's hair was Chairman approved, Guillen didn't want to get involved.
"I just worry about him performing,'' Guillen said. "But I try to stay away the most I can. I talked to Manny about help us doing that. But the last thing I worry about right now is Manny's hair. I don't. I can't. I said a long time ago it's not my department. We talked to him and gave him the message.
"I don't want to get involved with something, I don't want to say I can't control. I'm not afraid of Manny to tell him what to do. I'm not afraid of any of my players. I don't say afraid. It's being worried about what his reaction will be.''
Guillen already had to tell Ramirez that his cutoff shirt he was wearing for batting practice was too short.
"Well, that's my job,'' he continued. "He went and changed it. I don't think Manny has any problems. I don't know why people create them. I don't let the cat run away because when you put him back in the cage, it's going to be hard.''
Asked if he thought Reinsdorf would fine Ramirez since the locks obviously aren't going anywhere, Guillen replied, "I don't know. I stay away from that. That's Jerry's problem.''
Guillen's problem - as well as the problem for his coaches - is making sure Ramirez feels like he's in a place where he can succeed.
"You ask them, 'What your routine is, what do you want? Do you have a routine? Whatever you've done in the past, if we're capable of it, and we probably are, we'll do it for you.' '' hitting coach Greg Walker explained. "You ask them what they need on a daily basis. We ask them, 'What kind of information do you use? A lot, none, whatever you use.' We don't change nothing. We try and create the same atmosphere they've had success with in the past, and that's it. They may ask us what to watch for. You know the first day, [Manny] gave me a little something that he wanted me to watch for. Other than that, it's all about them. Especially the veteran players, we just are about, 'What does it take to get you ready to play the game?' ''

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