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Williams talks winning, roster, and eight weeks to glory or failure

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Minnesota+Twins+v+Chicago+White+Sox+N8eRN8U0p8ul.jpgBALTIMORE - Ken Williams sat down with the media on Sunday morning, discussing a number of topics surrounding a White Sox team that will sink or swim over the next eight weeks.
First and foremost on the general manager's agenda was winning.
Yes, the second-place Twins come to the South Side for a three-game series this week - three of nine games they have left with Minnesota - but in Williams' world while the opposing uniforms will change each series, the goal is the same this time of year.
"[Games with the Twins are] going to make a difference, but it's more or likely we're going to be within one or two games of each other by time that ends unless someone gets really hot,'' Williams said. "So it's every game. It's the Baltimore Orioles, it's the Tigers, it's Kansas City. It's every game. We lose today, they win and it's that much closer. We win, they lose, it's that much distance. It's why [Friday night], there are nights where you say it's a winnable game and you lose that game, you don't want to look back and say, 'what if, what if?' They all count.
"The head-up ones count even more, but you're playing them enough times where they're going to beat us, we're going to beat them. I would like for it to be a complete sweep and make things easier, but they're a pretty good opponent.''
Williams also commented on the fact that he was unable to add another bat into the mix over the last 10 days, and the idea that it was just fine with the likes of Paul Konerko and Mark Kotsay, who feel like the current offensive lineup should be allowed to finish what they started.
Not only did Williams admit that was taken into consideration, but so was the idea that the clubhouse had grown into a tight-knit group with all that they had been through this year.
"I knew that going into it,'' Williams said. "And that's why I felt unless it was an impact type guy and a guy who fit with them, we weren't going to do something just to do something. It had to be an impact-type guy. And I doubt very seriously if any one of them would have been complaining if that impact guy would have been walking through the clubhouse.
"They have to do what they have to do, and I have to do what I see as best as well. And sometimes they're in conflict with one another, and sometimes they're not. But generally, when I've had someone walk through that door that I know will be received well, it's been received well.''
According to manager Ozzie Guillen, Williams, the coaching staff and assistant GM Rick Hahn will sit down when they return to Chicago on Tuesday, discussing the roster and what changes will be coming to it.
Atop that to-do list was what happens to Mark Teahen when he's done rehabbing his fractured right middle finger?
The Sox have been playing him at third base, as well as right field down in Class AAA Charlotte, and will get him some work at first base, setting the stage for him to be a platoon player when he is deemed ready.
"We don't want to skip a beat whenever he comes back, whether it's offensively or defensively, so ... And he was out quite a while,'' Williams said of Teahen. "So it's not going to hurt him to have more time at the plate and at the various positions.''
Guillen made things a bit simpler, sending a message to not only Teahen, but anyone associated with the Sox from here on out in what is now crunch time.
"Every day you come here you have to prove yourself,'' Guillen said. "As a manager, as a coach, as a media member. If I'm going to read your stuff I don't want to read the same stuff every day. Everybody. Players, coaches, trainers. Everybody that has a job has to prove themselves every day and show everybody how good they are. That's it.
"No matter who you are you have to come here every day and prove yourself. That's how good players think. 'I have to be better than yesterday.' ''

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