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Upset with Freddy Garcia? Freddy Garcia doesn't care!

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t1_garcia-753386.jpgSurely lasting only 2 1/3 innings and allowing six runs in what was one of the bigger regular-season games of the year so far, must have had a lasting effect on Freddy Garcia?
"I don't care,'' the veteran White Sox pitcher responded, when asked on Wednesday if he was concerned that his Tuesday outing opened the door for the doubters. "I blame myself. If people don't believe in me, that's their problem. My problem is believing in myself and I always prove people wrong. I'll keep doing it. If I pitch like that [Tuesday], what can I do?
"I'm not going to pitch every start six, seven innings. I have to forget it and prepare for my next start. Like I said, I prove a lot of people wrong all the time. In my next start, I'll try to pitch the best I can.''
Garcia then made a point to show what he's done this season - big picture.
"First inning I give up one, I was like, OK, that's not bad,'' Garcia explained. "The second inning, home run and after that, 'I don't have [bleep] today.' I couldn't make an adjustment and that was it. I couldn't put the ball down. Everything was up. If I don't throw the ball down, I get hit all the time. It's part of the game, I guess.
"How many times have I been in that situation and pitched like that? I think that's the first time in many years. What can I say? I said [Tuesday] night, if I threw the rosin bag they'd hit it. It was one of those games. How many starts have I has this year? (21). How many bad game have I had? So it's not that bad.''

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I don't expect much from Garcia, so am not disappointed when fails to deliver.

Unrelated to Freddy, but since I can't find a Joe Cowley Email Address anywhere, let me ask this...

In the last 5 or so years, do you remember ANY Sox players getting vocal on the field? Anyone with a little bad-a$$ in them, who would walk the walk AND talk the talk? We might have had that guy in Peavy, but that's all I can think of.

The team, year in and year out, is like neutered dogs. There has to be a reason. Is it because Ozzie is so obviously at the front of the sled, that everyone else just follows behind in line -- not taking command, showing fire, yelling at an ump, challenging an opposing player?

Hell, I'd love a guy with Zambrano's aggressiveness. The passion of Pedroia. The warrior attitude of Youkilis. Give me ANYTHING at this point. I feel like I'm watching cardboard cutouts, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. This may be why the fans are the same way. Why get pumped up when the damn players don't even seem pumped up??

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