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The Sale Era will now begin as Sox promote the lefty

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1004014SP-GK-FGCUbaseball122_t607.jpgDETROIT - The one person maybe more excited about the Chris Sale promotion from Class AAA Charlotte to the White Sox on Wednesday?
Sergio Santos.
With the fresh-faced Sale now in the bullpen, no longer is Santos responsible for packing the light blue Little Mermaid backpack with sunflower seeds and candy, and then hauling it out to the bullpen for the veterans to rummage through during the game. No, that now belongs to the club's first-round pick from the June draft.
Manager Ozzie Guillen, however, has some bigger plans in store for the 21-year-old left-hander, who appeared in just 11 minor-league games before getting the call.
"Big role,'' Guillen insisted of what he has planned for Sale. "Obviously, we know and we are aware this kid come from college. He has a lot of innings on him so far. The first time I see this guy on tape, I asked [general manager] Kenny [Williams] why we don't have him here tomorrow. I'm very ignorant about the situation because he hadn't pitched for a month. We sent him to the minors to get his stuff back together.
"I like what I see on tape. He's got a lot of guts. If this kid throws strikes, he should be fine. We are excited to have him. Like I told you guys in the past, I'm not afraid to manage kids. I have a great staff to work with him. We believe in what we do here. Hopefully this kid is a good one.''
The 6-foot-6, 175-pounder posted a 2.84 ERA with 15 strikeouts in seven games with the Knights, and before that had a 2.25 ERA with four strikeouts in four Class A games. He was selected with the 13th overall pick out of Florida Gulf Coast University, and is the first player from the 2010 draft to reach the majors, as well as the first Sox player since Alex Fernandez in 1990 to reach the majors in the season in which he was drafted.
"It's just like anything else it takes some getting used to,'' Sale said of his quick climb. "The main thing that people have told me is that it's the same game. You still have to go out there and pitch. They still have to hit the ball and field the ball. It's the same game everywhere you go, just better competition.''
Sale also had a sense of what was at stake for the Sox down the stretch here.
"Now these are important outings,'' Sale added. "It's not like we're 10 games out or 10 ahead. We're a blowout, one way or another so my innings wouldn't matter. So when I get into a game, it's the real deal. I'll have to perform well and help this team win.''

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Sale looks like he could be AJ's son. Is he?

Hope Chris is every bit as good as the organization thinks he will be. Sounds like he will be the real deal. I see a little resemblance to the drama queen Favre in that picture

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