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Oz taken out of context? That's his story and he's sticking to it!

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ozzieguillen.jpgDETROIT - Ozzie Guillen had no problem being judged on Tuesday.
As a matter of fact, that included a strong statement from his own organization in the wake of his comments about the treatment of Latino players in baseball.
But what the White Sox manager was asking for before the doubleheader with Detroit was his comments to be taken in full, from start of his Sunday rant to finish. Guillen felt that wasn't the case, and his message was somewhat lost in translation.
"But in the meanwhile, I wish all the context out there, all the people would get it from the beginning,'' Guillen said. "Don't put it out there - pick one thing here and one thing there - and what that the people want to hear and put it on TV and hear what they have to say. I respect that, too. But you pick the context from the beginning of the conversation, and it's the total opposite of what I say.''
Guillen said the topic was brought up initially when he was praising the obstacles Dayan Viciedo has made defecting over from Cuba at then-19 years old.
"Maybe some people with the Chicago White Sox don't think I was right,'' Guillen said. "That's fine with me. But please take everything. Don't take a little piece, a little piece, a little piece. Take all the stuff and put it together.''
That was the exact explanation Guillen said he gave both general manager Ken Williams and board chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.
"I talked to Kenny, I talked to Jerry,'' Guillen said. "I said exactly what I say.''
Guillen then pointed out that the Sox public relations department tapes his interviews for the media website, so if anyone in the organization had a question of what he said, it was there.''
"White Sox tape me for last two years,'' Guillen said. "I told Kenny everything that happened and he was fine.''
As far as his players, well, it was almost like, "yawn, what else is new?''
"We always talked about that,'' pitcher Freddy Garcia said. "Not just this year. When you play in the minor leagues or in the big leagues, the Japanese player always has a translator. The Latin guys or those that don't come from Japan or Korea or wherever, I never see anybody have a translator. We all find somebody to speak English.
"I don't care. I'm a guy that doesn't talk too much. If you asked me what happened in the game, you have to see what happened or 'I'm feeling good.' I don't talk that much so I don't really need a translator to say 'I was feeling bad' or 'I got my ass kicked.' It's not a big deal for me.''

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That seems to be the biggest things these days, people taking other people's comments out of context for their own personal enjoyment/agenda/whatever. It makes it even worse if the comments in question are in another language and people aren't willing to verify for themselves what exactly was said and the context it was said in.

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