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No help coming? Just fine as far as the King was concerned

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paulie%20slam%20(ap).jpgBALTIMORE - Just in case there were still any glimmers of hope left that help was coming to the South Side anytime soon, that all but continued to fade on Saturday with the news that Carlos Delgado had signed a minor-league deal with Boston.
Add to the fact that rumors had Adam Dunn claimed off waivers long before he slipped down to where the White Sox were sitting, besides September call-ups, don't expect many changes to the roster from here on out.
Frankly, that was just fine with team captain Paul Konerko.
"We're in the position right now where we knew going into the season that our lineup wasn't going to look like some of the lineups we were used to in past years,'' Konerko explained. "That doesn't mean we didn't think we wouldn't be good. I mean one to nine, we're deep all the way through. Everyone in there is a tough at-bat. It's playing out just like we thought it would. There are no guarantees, but I think everyone expected to be in first or around first come the first week of August and that's exactly where we're at.
"There's no need to panic. I think we have enough in here to get the job done. And then if you go to the playoffs, if you're lucky enough, a lot of times it just comes down to who gets hot and cold hitting-wise. That can happen with any hitters. If you can be in first place in August in your division, then you can win your division. That doesn't mean you're going to, but if you've gotten that far into the season, then obviously we have enough in this room to finish it.''
It was Konerko who also insisted just over three weeks ago that he was in the opinion that the 25 guys on the roster that dug themselves into a hole out of the gate and then clawed their way out should be allowed to finish it out.
As the trade deadline drew closer a few weeks ago, it seemed like that wouldn't happen, with Dunn the rumor of the day, every day. Even on July 31, with the deadline winding down, general manager Ken Williams made an attempt to nab Lance Berkman and then Manny Ramirez.
Williams did add to the starting pitching staff by sending Daniel Hudson to Arizona for Edwin Jackson, but no help for the offense.
Then just before the start of the series in Baltimore, the Sox were reportedly interested in Delgado. Another dead end was hit with the news that Boston inked the veteran slugger.
"I never wanted Delgado,'' manager Ozzie Guillen stated before the second game of the Orioles series. "We don't need Delgado. You know why, and nothing against him, if we need help, we need help quick. We aren't going to wait for the guy, it seems like whoever signs Delgado, they have their own program. We can't.
"We wouldn't have Delgado until September? That's hard to do. This kid hasn't played for a little while. The Boston Red Sox they have a plan. Maybe Kenny or [assistant GM] Rick [Hahn] or someone else have a different plan. That's the reason why [Jim] Thome isn't here. To sign Delgado here, I would rather have Jim Thome. We know what Jim Thome can do. Delgado can only DH and play a little bit of first base. We have two good first basemen.''
As far as addition through the waiver wire, Guillen pointed out that the chances of that are small, but there are two additions that can be made.
"The trade we are going to make?'' Guillen said. "Better results from [Mark] Kotsay and Andruw Jones. We need them to get more production. That's the trade we are going to make. Those two guys for the next two months bring what they are supposed to bring, I don't see why we won't have a good hitting team.''
Konerko agreed, pointing out that the first four months of the season should have been the ultimate judge in that.
"I mean we're four months in now,'' Konerko said. "Four months is usually a pretty good test of a team to show you're capable or not capable.''

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