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Peavy facing season-ending surgery

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Angels_White_Sox_Ba_630432l.jpg"Detached'' was the first buzzword muttered in describing the Jake Peavy injury news on Wednesday, quickly followed by "Dr. James Andrews.''
Put just those two phrases together, and it's very likely that the next time the White Sox see their $52 million ace throw a baseball will be in February, when pitchers and catchers report.
The MRI taken earlier Wednesday revealed a detached latissimus dorsi muscle in Peavy's right posterior shoulder, leading to the club placing the 29-year-old on the 15-day disabled list, and now weighing their next move on what direction to go with Peavy.
"Obviously, I didn't want to say too much [Tuesday] night, but I knew something was wrong with me,'' Peavy explained. "When I walked off the field, I told you guys from the get-go, if you see me not take the post or walk off the field as I did [Tuesday] night, it wasn't going to be good, and this isn't good news, having something completely detached from the bone that's retracted down into my lat ... Not good.''
Peavy stayed away from saying season ending, but his body language and demeanor spoke volumes.
"It doesn't happen a whole lot,'' Peavy said of the prognosis. "We're going to see a couple doctors, and that's advised by our doctors because our doctor simply hasn't seen a lot of this. He hasn't really seen this at all. I'm going to see Dr. Andrews in Birmingham and consult with [Lewis] Yocum and get a lot of opinions to get the best way to handle this.
"Obviously surgery looks the way we probably have to go. And if that is, we'll just ride it. We did all we could do. We fought this and fought it. I was honest with you guys, telling you we had some problems and we tried to fight it. We fought through it. Got through it on a good note and got on a good stretch. Felt good enough to pitch and was getting guys out. Just unfortunate that this was the first time in my career this happened.''
The obvious question, however, was could this have been avoided?
An MRI Peavy took back in Pittsburgh on June 15 showed fluid in the shoulder. Manager Ozzie Guillen wanted to place him on the 15-day disabled list then, but with no structural damage shown, as well as others in the organization - including Peavy himself - wanting to push forward, Guillen was vetoed.
It looked like the right choice, especially after Peavy was dominant against Washington and then the Cubs, but in a loss to Kansas City last week, further pain was felt in the area.
In the second inning against the Angels Tuesday night, Peavy rolled craps.
"No, no. I argued my point for two hours,'' Guillen responded, when asked if he should have taken a harder stand. "Our general manager [Ken Williams] and our pitching coach [Don Cooper] were on the top of that. We addressed the problem. If this problem was in [Peavy's Washington start], then I will say, 'Wow, what did we do?'
"He was throwing the ball very well. It just happened. But no, we talk about it and we discuss about it. I give them my ideas, Kenny give me his ideas. Our pitching coach has a plan C. That means we don't feel guilty about it. One thing happened and we have to continue without him. Nobody should feel guilty or responsible for what happened to him.''
Peavy will see Andrews over the All-Star Break, and a decision on to cut or not to cut will be made shortly after.
In the meanwhile, the Sox called up Jeff Marquez to help a tired bullpen for the next few days, and all signs point to them calling Daniel Hudson up for what would have been Peavy's Sunday start.
"I guess hindsight is 20/20,'' Peavy said of the injury. "I don't think anybody made any bad choices here. We did all we thought we could do. I talked to the doctor on Monday in just trying to make sure we were making wise choices. I don't think anyone is at fault here - myself for wanting to be out there or the team for letting me be out there. It's just part of sports.''
Whatever the final verdict, Peavy seemed ready to accept his fate on the 2010 season.
"If there's a will, there's a way,'' Peavy added. "I'd certainly love to be back on this team, being in contention. Whatever the doctors think and feel is best for me and my career. We'll do that and I'll bust it in rehab and do all I can do to be back and be back feeling better and healthier than I feel now.''

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