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Does bubble wrap come in extra-large and angry?

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quentin-carlos-392-cp-080905.jpgOAKLAND - Life with Carlos Quentin isn't always easy.
On one hand, Ozzie Guillen would like to protect the high-effort, high intensity outfielder from injury by putting him in the designated hitter spot a bit more. On the other, the White Sox manager knows in doing that he then has to be guarded against protecting Quentin from himself.
"There is one thing about it,'' Guillen explained of Quentin, "he will DH this weekend, maybe [Saturday] or Sunday. Ideally it will be both. But in the meanwhile we have to see how we do. DH is not easy. And this guy when he's DHing he looks like a bull going to the ring. He's just so anxious. It takes more out of his at-bat. But when you play in the outfield you make an out you go in the outfield and think about playing defense. When you DH, you come in here and swing and swing and swing and swing. This guy never stops swinging. That's why when I DH him I wear him down.
"Every time he comes back he goes down into the tunnel and keeps swinging. That's stuff you have to think about. Hopefully, he's fresh to play and we'll see where we go the next couple of days.''
Quentin returned to the lineup on Friday as promised, after leaving Sunday's game back in Minnesota with a bruised right hand.
It was the second time in the last few weeks the hand had bothered him, so Guillen wanted to be extra cautious with his return.
Before the hand it was a sore left knee that sidelined Quentin for several days, which he suffered making a diving catch in the outfield.
"We need Carlos,'' Guillen said. "Carlos has to stay healthy. Carlos plays hard. He knows only one way and one way only. But if those guys in the middle of the lineup swing the bat like they swing the bat I don't see why we're searching for trades. I always say, 'Why are you looking for left-handed hitters? Anybody can be a left-handed hitter. You're looking for a good hitter.' Carlos in our lineup makes our lineup a lot stronger and he makes a lot of people a lot better around him.''

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