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Beckham losing time to Lillibridge at second base

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e415e6cf-a120-41c5-bd8e-5f84ecd3d1cd.jpgGordon Beckham has said time and time again that his hope has been the struggles of 2010 will be a learning experience that benefits him in the near future.
For now, that learning experience is coming from the bench.
Manager Ozzie Guillen sat Beckham for a second consecutive game on Monday, instead going with the hot bat of Brent Lillibridge at second base.
"He still is my second baseman,'' Guillen said of Beckham. "But right now, I think the way Lillibridge is playing, I'm going to give him a shot. Remember, if Kenny [Williams] or Jerry [Reinsdorf] told me, 'Here it is. That's the development of my ballclub. This is the team for the future ... '
"They tell me, 'Here's the team, we'd better win.' Well, then I put the best guy I'm going to think is for that day the best chance to win for that day. And I think that [Lillibridge] swung the bat very, very well every time we put him there. I will take advantage of that. If he continues to swing the bat, we'll we see what happens later. I worry about later, later. Right now I'll worry about this club. [Lillibridge is] playing aggressive. We'll see what happens.''
Lillibridge didn't hurt his cause Monday, picking up an RBI single in the second inning.
As for Beckham, he's hoping it's just another hard lesson learned.
"I feel like going through kind of what I've been going through mentally, I've taken a lot from that because what I've gone through has been really hard on me just because of expectations I have for myself, expectations of other people, so what I will take out of it looking back, I think I'll be able to say, 'I really learned who I am and what I was all about,' '' Beckham said recently of his struggles. "I learned what my swing was about, how to refine it. That's been the main issue, the swing or the mindset I had going into the swing. So I'll probably take out of it that I can get through some stuff, but I really figured out who I was as a baseball player.''

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