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A heavy price

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Washington+Nationals+Photo+Day+3h2f2-uVlzel.jpgOAKLAND - Less than a week from now, the questions will all go away. Gone will be the July 31 trade deadline, the rumors, the speculation and the daily inquiries.
More than a few members of the White Sox current traveling party can't wait for that.
Manager Ozzie Guillen had his own take on it Saturday afternoon, letting it be known that, yes, while general manager Ken Williams has been busy working the phones for the past month, targeting a short list of players, starting with Adam Dunn, the asking price is, let's say not exactly to the manager's liking.
"To be honest with you, I think all the general managers out there are crazy,'' Guillen said. "Wow.''
In explaining what the Sox have been trying to get done, as well as the resistance they have come across in accomplishing that, Guillen revealed details that were assumed but never confirmed by the organization. Specifically, to acquire someone like Dunn comes at a heavy price, and it's a price that at least Guillen doesn't want to pay.
"Like I said, it takes us a little while to put Gordon [Beckham] and the Missile [Alexei Ramirez], Carlos Quentin, [Alex] Rios, it takes us three or four years to put this team together, and all of a sudden we're going to bring one or two guys to help, to hope we get there?'' Guillen said. "And all of a sudden we don't, then you lose what you have done in the past three years.
"Like I say, I can't be a general manager because I'd worry about making trades and worry about putting my butt on the line. But in the meanwhile, if we think we have a chance to win, yes. We're going to compete? Yes. The main thing is if you're going to compete this year and [be] done next year, you're going to bring somebody to this club but take someone away from this club, then I don't think we do the right thing. That's my opinion. Because what we have is good for a little while and why should we destroy everything for one guy or two guys or three guys or exactly what it is?''
That's why Guillen thinks the Sox should just stay pat and let the current roster try and finish what they've started. If the asking price comes down this week, that might change the manager's mind, but as it stood on Saturday, what they are asking for - whether it's Washington or Milwaukee - is punishment that doesn't fit the crime, as far as Guillen was concerned.
"But in the meanwhile, I never get involved,'' Guillen said. "Do we talk about [trade possibilities]? Yeah we talk with the coaching staff. 'I have this in mind. What do you guys think?' I think that was the first time I got quiet because I don't have anything to say because it's not easy. Not because they will blame me and say 'He told me,' or 'We talked.' No, it's because I don't have a feeling for that department at all.''
Guillen did admit that he thought they would need a starting pitcher when Jake Peavy was initially injured and ruled out for the rest of the season, but Daniel Hudson has eased his mind.
As far as help for Matt Thornton from the left side of the bullpen? He's still torn on that front.
"If I'm going to pick someone out of the bullpen to really have to take care, it's Matt because everyone else ... we got four or five righties that are pretty good,'' Guillen said. "And that's the only thing I'm concerned.
"I got to trust [lefty reliever Erick] Threets more than anyone else. I got to put him in a situation to see if we can count on him.''
If it was up to Guillen, he would like the week to fast forward, and then just see who he has on his roster come next Saturday night. If it was up to Hudson, he just hopes that he's not only on the roster, but still in the organization.
Like Beckham, Hudson's name has come up frequently as far as a piece that could be moved when the Sox are talked about in the trade rumors.
"It will definitely be a little weight off my shoulders but I still can't think about,'' Hudson said of the pending trade deadline. "Once that happens stuff can still happen after that, so you never know what will happen.''

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Kenny's not so stupid that he would jeopardize the future of the entire organization for a rental player. When he trades away top prospects, it's usually for well-established players under contract for several years: Sweeney/Gio/DLS for Swisher (not a good trade), the four pitchers for Peavy (4+ years under control). McCarthy for Danks/Masset is an exception, but that was just an awesome trade. I don't think he'd do something ridiculous like Hudson/Viciedo for Dunn. When the future leaves, the present comes in return. We saw that when Peavy came over to replace Clayton Richard, so I think we'd be more likely to see something like Hudson/Flowers/Morel for Roy Oswalt (though that's not going to happen, it's just an example).

Kenny's usually pretty good about not giving up much MLB-star talent in trades with the exception of Chris Young, but even then it wasn't like Javy Vazquez was a bust--he gave them what he's always provided his entire career, a .500 pitcher and an innings eater. Moving Morel/Flowers/Viciedo would not be bad and even Hudson wouldn't be earth shattering. But please Kenny don't move Beckham.

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