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White flag? K.W. was joking two weeks ago ... buy, buy, buy!!

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Kenny.jpgThe last time Ken Williams met with the media following a road trip, it sounded more eulogy than state of the team address.
But there was the White Sox general manager on Tuesday, hours before the start of the Atlanta series, far from the guy that insisted "some changes are coming.''
Not even close.
And thanks to what his boss told members of the Chicago media on Saturday, Williams is going to hold board chairman Jerry Reinsdorf to it.
It was Reinsdorf who was asked about the ability to add payroll this season, and answered with a "Yes. I also think this team might be good enough the way it is, if they keep playing this way.''
"Well, all I know is what I read in the paper the other day when you guys asked [Reinsdorf] about it,'' Williams said. "I was glad to hear that was a possibility. That's the first I heard about it. I'm glad it's on record. It's on record from what I understand.''
That's not all that's on the record now.
Williams was very adamant in making sure that Sox fans understand that even when players are sent out of the South Side in a deal, it's reshuffling, not rebuilding. In other words, it's not in Williams' DNA to blow-up a team.
"We are always trying to add,'' Williams said. "There have been a few occasions over the years going back to when we sent Ray Durham to Oakland, that I can say honestly that was a subtraction we had to make for payroll purposes. But since then, even in 2007, you guys didn't believe it, but we were actively in the trade market to add. We knew we would have a tough time coming back that year, but some times you add for the year after that thinking you have a good core.
"We have not been in the mode for selling for the sake of selling for a long, long time. Even if the perception is we are moving this player or that player, it's still with the mindset to win the next year. We are incapable as long as I'm sitting in this chair of thinking any other way.''
The usual suspects on the Sox wish list are a left-handed bat and another left-handed reliever for the bullpen to bookcase with Matt Thornton.
"Well, one of the things I keep talking to the coaches about are always additions, possibilities, variations of the team we have now,'' Williams responded, when asked about the lefty bat. "The thing that they run up against and we get tripped upon is who they are going to replace, even if you do go out and get player X, Y or Z. Who are you going to replace? We have a lot of confidence in everybody out there. Everyone out there is getting better and starting to return to form, so where does that person fit?
"If there's an obvious choice, you certainly go down that road. If it's less obvious, then how does that person fit in and can they fit into that role that [manager] Ozzie [Guillen] would need that particular player to play, which would be a part time type role. Or is that guy an everyday guy and can't keep his timing in that kind of role?
"There's a lot to weigh in and I think over the next numbers of weeks, this team will show me more of either consistent play or show more of the inconsistent play that has been prevalent. To me, you keep pushing and trying to add to the puzzle until you are forced not to.''
Williams already knows what the other end of that spectrum was like, especially since he was just there a few weeks ago.
"Yeah, it's like sharks in the water and buzzards hovering over,'' Williams added. "I'm usually one of the buzzards hovering over. It has been an interesting experience to be on the opposite end. I can't say I have enjoyed it.
"I didn't expect us to be back to .500 this quickly, so this team has responded and showed some resiliency. At this time, those efforts should be commended and acknowledged in the form that, 'Ok, they are going to keep pushing, we have to see what the possibilities are out there to help them out.''
In other words, time to rip the "For Sale'' signs down.

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